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I've not been very active posting things this week. It's just been NON-STOP with my work. I actually need a lie down.

However, I have some nice news though, that is... I've been approached by the brilliant folk over @dtube to be a part of a new little community initiative as part of a launch of their new DTube platform and DTC coin. It's part of a push to get loyal Steemians signed up to their new platform on the new chain.

Which is exciting to be a part of.

(Just look at my excited face)


As part of the project I've been busy filming and editing a couple of videos of me talking to camera and demonstrating (or neatly 'summing up') some cool features of the platform - all done in my usual video style and fashion.
The results (as far as I know) will be posted soon, by them and me.

I'm pleased to have been asked by the @dtube team to get involved in this, and I'm enjoying working with this kind of businesses in the crypto-sphere. Exciting times ahead.


You can check out my @dtube profile here ---

--- folk who have already signed up can subscribe to my channel and keep an eye open for what I've been working on :)

Cheers for reading, @ashtv.

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Looking forward to seeing it! Congrats!

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Cheers man - it’s more of the same kind of presenting-to-camera stuff but it should do the trick.

I actually want to talk to you about something related to this project too - are you on Discord?

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I am, but I don’t have my own server or anything. Which discord are you on?

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I can be found as ‘@ashtv#6992’ - search for me when you get a chance

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Congrats 💐 man, you worth it, you have been making amazing videos with different contest winnings on the chain. Best of luck on your new appointment ♨🙏

Thanks dude!
It’s good to know that some recognition came from those contests.

I wouldn’t have been contacted to get involved otherwise. Fun times :)

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