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You had a college puke charging you $750 per month from Argentina. You were so clueless that you didn't even consider researching the average salary of a dev in Argentina. You were getting scammed!



I hope you don't get involved with idiots in the future.

I'm very sorry it came to this. Especially because your trust as investor is betrayed. That means that tomorrow someone with good idea seeking investor will have big trouble to get to you. After failed trust next person coming gets the bullet.

But that isn't what I wanted to comment. I want to comment this bullshit about average dev wages in certain countries. I'm a dev and this is poking my eyes. Why the fuck you people think that my work is worth less if I live in a third world country? That's why you constantly get fucked by these devs from India, Vietnam and similar countries. You pay them less because you think that is average in these shitty places and they will be happy with it. But that's not real reason, in fact you pay them less because they are crappy developers. I know that because after that you come to me to pay even more to fix their shit in your code. I saw that because I fixed shit code for years. Shit code written for $5-$15 per hour. And also I fixed shit code from an Austrian dev which was paid 160€ per hour just because he was Austrian. So, although I'm not talking about this particular dev from Argentina, please stop thinking in this way. Pay devs for what they are worth, not for from which country they are.

Does Samsung or GE pay US wages to employees at developing or third world countries? No, they do not. Why? They pay the local competitive wages.

What the dev from Argentina was asking was payment equal to a 10+ year experienced programmer. This kid was a college puke!

So, you compare high skilled engineers with Samsung factory workers? OK, that tells much about you. Good luck with employing cheap Indian labor.

I already stated that "I'm not talking about this particular dev from Argentina". I don't know how much is he worth. I didn't interviewed him. Paying $750 per month to anybody will not get you any good code. Think about it, probably you spend more in Starbucks each month.

I know that the topic here is kaliju's thievery and dishonesty. But I just wanted to stop by and tell other good devs, don't work for peanuts, ask as much as any other dev from US, Switzerland or Norway would ask for the same job and for the same skill set.

He actually only said employees, not what roles they had, only that they get paid a competitive wage for where they live.

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@baah are you an ass kisser or what?

You went on a redundant rigmarole and avoided the point he made that people are paid based on a competitive wage for where they live, and since I pointed out that, you can reduce it from you "engineers vs idiots" nonsene to me being an ass kisser. You really want to make this about me and my "role" when you won't acknowledge why other people won't pay "ask for Switzerland wages" but will pay instead based on the local job market, aka local competitive wages. If you think "ask for Switzerland wages" is great advice you hadn't bother to say why such unconventional advice is justified, only to asert it, so maybe, before talking about "what my role is", try to bring it back in the relevant realm of the discussion and explain in no uncertain or vague terms why "ask for Switzerland wages" is good advice (especially considering that you remarked about the Austrian who you fixed code for, regardless being paid competitive wages as an Austrian, as you said: "160€ per hour just because he was Austrian") either for employees or employers as is the case with Haejin, just a suggestion.

Good devs can get whatever they ask for. Simply because there are no enough good devs.

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Even though you chose better than making this about my role you didn't explain why it's so, because clearly economics 101 states DEMAND dictates MARKET VALUE, ergo: not enough "good" devs does nothing to explain or substantiate your very unconventional advice, or why a very limited supply of devs says anything about the demand and therefore about how much people are actually willing to pay "good" devs what they're asking for because otherwise it doesn't matter if only one "good" dev is all that exists, without the demand nobody will pay them ANY mind. Your quite unconventional and so far unfounded advice goes counter to what you remarked about the Austrian who got paid £160 simply because he was Austrian.

Why is it smart or wise to "Ask for Switzerland wages" as a developer and why would an employer risk their investment on overpriced employees when obviously the conventional option is to offer a competitive wage based on the local market?

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