Voting Bot Payouts 06-08-2019

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All data is an average of the last 14 days.

voting botdaily STEEM per 1000 SPdaily SBD per 1000 SPdaily STEEM + SBD converted to STEEM *¹reference delegatorAPR in percent
@promobot0.3030.0470.513smooth-e18.7 %
MinnowBooster vote selling0.1260.0860.512btshuang18.7 %
@tipu0.4660.0080.504syed8818.4 %
@boomerang0.4610.0040.477romangt8717.4 %
@oceanwhale0.3490.0240.458selfvotejustice16.7 %
@bdvoter0.3970.0120.451freedom16.5 %
@smartsteem0.3500.0200.438panql197916.0 %
@appreciator0.4000.0080.437freedom15.9 %
@rocky10.4120.0040.429freedom15.6 %
@upmewhale0.4030.0050.427rbp315.6 %
@inciter0.3380.0170.413sameer77715.1 %
@booster0.3780.0070.408gorans14.9 %
@upmyvote0.3130.0210.405shitcoiner14.8 %
@spydo0.3200.0170.399greekgodx14.5 %
@brandonfrye0.3510.0080.388deviling14.2 %
Smartsteem vote selling0.2820.0220.379lazyman13.8 %
@brupvoter0.3210.0120.375drslump13.7 %
@alfanso0.3180.0100.361siraspurjitu13.2 %
@a-bot0.3350.0020.342th1nkfast12.5 %
@postpromoter0.2940.0080.331zoom12.1 %
@profitvote0.2710.0130.327kabulovt11.9 %
@joeparys0.2560.0080.294christymonty10.7 %
@minnowbooster0.0000.0650.291blockmaster201310.6 %
@sneaky-ninja0.0000.0630.283honeybeee10.3 %
@buildawhale0.0160.0010.018alexsandr0.7 %
@therising0.0000.0000.000jaggerfinkleman0.0 %
@accelerator0.0000.0000.000investegg0.0 %

It is also worth taking a look at MB market delegations and delegationhub

Some bot is missing? Some payouts are wrong? Write me, please!

Exchange rate STEEM/SBD: 0.223
curation rewards already added to daily STEEM
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