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Yesterday I discovered a simple trick that is going to completely open the door for me in terms of my beat production. This whole time I've been making music, I've been making my drum racks through a very tedious process of finding one-shot samples (kick, snare, hi-hat, etc) then assigning them one at a time to various keys of my sample pad. No only is this incredibly time consuming, it also leads to discordant drum racks, where the kick and snare and hi hats dont go very well together. I have to guess and check, guess and check, until I finally get some good samples on there that work well together. Yesterday, I discovered a way to assign all of my kick samples to one key, all my snares to another, and all my hi-hats to another, and I can use the knobs on my sample pad to cycle through the various samples on the fly. If I don't like how one sounds, I can just turn the knob and try the next one with the same key. It sounds like a tiny change, and it is, but it has made things so much easier for me. This is the first beat I've made with this new trick, and I think it has some of the cleanest sounding drums I've ever put down.

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Not bad. How long have you been making beats ?

I started doing simple little BS mashups almost ten years ago, but I didn't start making beats regularly or taking it at all seriously until the last year or so. I'm still kind of a novice but getting a tiny bit better all the time

Whats you inspiration? Or is it, .... self inspired ?🤔

Mostly I just dig a certain type of hip hop that I don't hear very often, so I want to be able to make my own music in that style. It's pretty hard to place that inspiration on a single specific artist though.

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