Priscilla Hernandez: Feel the Thrill (A song about freedom) You were always WILD and Free

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Feel the Thrill of the Wild Side

This is my original song "Feel the Thrill"

A song about release, about FREEDOM
You don't have to follow the line
You can get out of the grid
You can run into the woods and howl to the moon

This theme is about letting go, about loosing knots... ease the burden from our shoulders... remember that wild and almost feral innocence we may have forgotten.
It's about breaking out from the smothering fears, the stagnant logic!
It's about becoming and shifting

Leave them in their cages spinning in their wheels because you were always wild and free!

Here you can stream it as well from soundcloud directly in the post while you read the lyrics of the song.

And even another option as I just joined Choon and you can play it here:

Feel the Thrill (Lyrics/Poem)

It's always hard
for the first or the last
lamb in a row
Oh yes we know
It's even harder
for the odd ones out
that are not ready to go with the flow
But ahh... ahhh
the wild side grows strong in me
It breaths so sweet and alive
And now it's drumming
louder and louder
captive by the beat of Homeland Call
Homeland calls
And then I'm running in sweet release
joyful bliss
when I feel these coils unwinding
Bearing only my freeborn spirit
and startled gaze
I'm back into the woods
Oh I could howl to the moon
Feel the thrill
of the wild side
And keep on running
It's a long, long way
Cut those roots out
from where you don't belong
Dust can settle
You shall not
And leave them in their cages
spinning in their wheels
You were always
wild and free
And now it's drumming louder and louder
Follow unafraid to glimpse beyond
Further on
And then I'm running in sweet release
joyful bliss
then I feel these coils unwinding
Bearing only my freeborn spirit
and startled gaze
I'm back into the woods
Oh I could howl to the moon
Feel the thrill
of the wild side
Just the thrill
of the wild side
And keep on running
It's a long...
It’s a long, long way

This song is a little bit related and is mentioned in my previous (art) post about wolves.
Please check it out and show some love

red riding hood by Priscilla Hernandez - by priscilla Hernandez (

Although the song itself is not about "Red Rising Hood" there is some kind of "werewolf" vibe into and it has in fact a rather clear reference to wolves. So this drawing and insight about these majestic animals were always demonized.

The song is about something WILD AND INNOCENT we all carry on our spirits!

Please check my previous and related post:

Feel the Thrill of the wild side

I always say:

Remember who you were
Be aware of who you are
Decide who you will be

By the way the song is meant to be followed by THROUGH THE LONG WAY


Priscilla Hernandez @yidneth: vocals, dulcimer, arrangements keyboards and synths, recorder, chalumeau
Hector Corcín @hedac (Mixing and mastering)
Svetlana Tovstukha: Cello

Please consider to support my music:

  • My album "The Underliving" is available in digital or in physical copy and fully illustrated by me in digibook format at
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You can also find it on itunes, spotify and other digital stream stores.

Catch the Moon - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Oh I could howl to the Moon

moon - by Priscilla Hernandez (

All the pictures and drawing in this post by me

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

Thanks everyone for the follows, upvotes or resteems, but above all the feedback which is the fuel of my motivation to keep on sharing with you all here on this platform. If you want to get to know me better, hear me sing on audio or join the d-live chats while I do the performances consider to join my discord server

Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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Just listened to you on snekked together and I was so blown away by your beautiful voice!!! 💖🎶 I’m in love - you have another fan!!!


Awww that is sweet :) thanks for making the effort to come and check the song :) too :)


I loved it! I’m following you on Steemit, dsound and SoundCloud now 🌞 (omg I sound like a stalker 😳)


Haha I only use Soundcloud to mirror content here but grateful if you follow youtube or instagram, yidneth there too. For official sites like itunes, spotify etc I am "Priscilla Hernandez"

Magic in all ways for me! Thanks for giving me great mood for good night sleep!


Aw thanks for the listen... It's very related to my previous post :) Hope you dream you're running free in the woods.

Beautiful songs, lyrics and pictures. You are an amazing artist @yidneth 😍

Tienes una voz preciosa Yidneth. Te acabo de oír en Whaleshares.


Gracias :). Yidneth es el proyecto, me llamo Priscilla (Pris para los amigos). Me alegra mucho que te gustase :)


Si estoy viendo uno tus vídeos de Dlive también tocas piano, mi esposo es pianista el toca jazz. Gusto conocerte Pris te voy a seguir para seguir disfrutando tu música. 😉


Gracias @mballesteros La verdad es que toco muchos instrumentos pero ninguno en concreto. Me "acompaño" pero luego como toco muchos lo que hago es crear "capas". Muchísimas gracias por escuchar y por el bello cumplido, espero que disfrutaras la entrevista a pesar de lol problemas técnicos :) Era muy tarde para mí además :) Un saludo enorme desde España.

I like the harmonic progression :) .. it kinda goes into mayor sections but keeping the dark vibe , subtle programmed sounds and the flute adds the fantasy flavor to it :D ! I can definitely picture this happening in a movie... "The adventures of Pechiche and the Quest for Cereal"... it's a blockbuster!


Aww I'm so happy to have a feedback from you :). As I don't know how to play guitar properly I played my mountain dulcimer in this one.
And well your feedback made my day


Wow! That was awesome!
I was using my headphones to hear it better, it's really a magical song!

beautiful song @yidneth i love it very much. many thanks


Aw thanks for listening ♥️

Soy tu nuevo Fan! OMG


Aww gracias. El feed es principalnente música, ilustración y fantasía. Espero que te guste. 🐀♥️🐀♥️


Como no me va a gustar??

es hermoso!


Gracias. 🐀♥️

Very wild and very magical, lovely indeed but than again that is no surprise since it is coming from you 💚


Aww you not only have one of the best feeds but you are the sweetest

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Excellent work. Listening live now on MSP <3


Aww thanks, this version is different and a bit weirder (maybe a tad bit darker). As I don't know much guitar I played dulcimer and winds. Thanks for coming by and for the compliment. Hugs

I'm listening to you sing this on MSP, and I LOVE IT! The call of wild freedom is something I know well. Thank you for sharing this song and encouraging me to honour that call. Much love, my friend!


aww Katrina thanks for your lovely encouraging message, you'll find this version sounds very different because I'm limited to one instrument on the show, but it is also different and humbler. I bet you go barefoot to the forest and squidge moss too :). Lots of love on your way.