Serena Matthews and Priscilla Hernandez: Moon Hanging Low (Duet version)

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This is a collaboration of me singing harmonies and playing piano/flute/second vocals over Serena Matthews @paintingangels Moon Hanging Low and actually my second collaboration with her happening on Steemit . :). So here is a duet version with her permission and We would really love your feedback. Here you can listen to the Dsound or alternatively on soundcloud.

Songwriter and lead vocals: Serena Matthews @paintingangels
Guitar by Jeff Hightower @hornetmusic
Second vocals, piano, flutes, harp by Priscilla Hernandez @yidneth

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

So last Tuesday while performing my weekly Dlive concert (you can watch the replay on previous post) I made a try with this song from Serena that I love. It's one favourite of hers and she had just shared a new version on her profile featuring her husband on guitars. So as It lingered in my mind, and with her permission, this morning I gave it a try and recorded this today. I added the second vocals (harmonies), flutes, piano and harp

Note: If you missed our previous collaboration check video at the end of this article.

Two Moon hanging low... but we are under the same Moon

I have to say that I do very few collaborations but again with Serena this happened so spontaneously... I know her for a long time and I've always loved her wistful lullabies :) when I was listening to her "Where did the moon go?* I could recall the feeling of my song "Where are the stars?" as if they were kindred songs, kindred spirits...
And after all those "Moons" are the same moon even if we are different in different parts of the world.

moon hanging low.jpg

Above: Picture taken by Serena @paintingangels of her perfect "Moon hanging Low" in her home town Byrdstown

moon hanging low - by priscilla Hernandez (

Catch the Moon profile - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Above me watching a Moon hanging low

Moon Hanging Low by Serena Matthews


Above: Serena Matthews Songwriter of Moon Hanging Low. Shared with her permission

I don't the rain can wash this away
This wound is too deep to heal now
Don't worry about me
I'll paint on my smile
This world is too shallow to drown me
There is the moon
hanging low
I see that wonderful orange glow
smiling at me
straight the rain
That old comfort I know keeps calling
I wish the night would swallow this day
and the clouds wouldn't steal
the moon from me
but the rain starts to fall
the moon fades away
this world is too shallow to drown me
Where is the moon?
hanging low
I miss the wonderful orange glow
smiling at me straight through the rain
That old comfort I know keeps calling me
Where did the moon go?

Catch the Moon - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Cover a Steemian and Harmonize a Steemian

Cover a steemian is a challenge created by @pechichemena in which you cover a song by a fellow steemian and of course forward their part of the payout as rightful song owners.

I have been doing a DLIVE concert at least once a week and since February I've been "harmonizing steemians" sometimes as shout out to them (of course with their permission). That way I've done with @pechichemena @paintingangels and @meno. And now they are being showcased too in the original "Cover a steemian" contest so here my first official recording (and second collaboration with Serena). Lots of these have happened spontaneously there or on my server but here is one for Dsound.
By the way Pechichemena himself made a cover of this song.

We hope this makes you look to the moon.... tonight and every night

moon - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Don't miss it if you can... neither the moon nor the stars...

With love... Pris and Serena

Did you miss our previous collaboration?

Revisit my Cover of Serena's "Fly" for Cover a Steemian Challenge

Priscilla Hernandez @yidneth
singer-songwriter & illustrator

Serena Matthews @paintingangels
singer-songwriter & photographer

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Ayyyyyymazing. So beautiful. What can you say. Lyrics 10/10. Music 10/10. Singing 10/10. Audio 10/10. Expression 10/10... Did i forget something? ❤🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


Awww you're so sweet... :) thanks so much!


dreamy, lovely duet... :) 🤗


Thank you so much Alex, always.

absolutely stunning... im at a loss of words...


Thank you Meno 🐁 💕

awwww... this is so pretty! ... I listened to this three times in a row.. Love itttttt <3<3<3! .. adds to the list of favorites. I love to see how a song evolves and visits different places when different people perform it ... aaah.. it sets a nice mood in this rainy day here :D !


Awww thanks so much Pechi, it means a lot to us, we joked that you should have joined in, and still can, like harmonize of a harmonize a steemian, harmonize squared, or cubed, NOT SUREEEE lol

Very Beautiful!!!!


Aw thank you so much

This is magnificent. I have tears streaming down my face — literally — after listening to this beautiful collaboration! Both of you lovely ladies, @yidneth and @paintingangels, are among my favorite vocalists on the Steem platform, and that makes this recording extra-special. The song, alone, is gorgeous in its original form, but the added dimension here is just superb, totally superb! We are truly blessed to have your shining souls here among us! ❤️


Aww such beautiful encouraging comment. Thanks for the lovely compliment to both of us. Grateful 💚

This is so lovely!!! You two make me proud to know you!


Thank you from us both for you gentle encouragement always

Goosebumps all over! I love both of your voices so much... wait tearing up here.... wow this is touching <3
Thank you very much for sharing &
more, more, more @paintingangles & @yidneth duets pleeeaassee <3


You are so sweet... it happened spontaneously on dlive, then tech glitches messed a bit so decided to do this... also so we could stop in a moment of perfect stillness after the orangey glow of the moon.
It's the SAME moon after all above us two, above us three... think of that... we´re right here :)


Ahhh you, you ground me, always, it's simply with being you that resonates, a true voice calling <3

WOW! You two sound incredibly awesome!

I hope that each of you realizes that the two of you have a standing invitation to add vocal tracks to the upcoming Mega-Collab for the Open-Mic. Just friend me on discord and I'll keep you posted: passion-ground#5524


Aren't they just precious souls with beautiful vocals! instrumentally intricate too!
Very honoured to have me them both here!


hahha @paintingangels that's the tag :) it has to live hahaha LOL


Thanks for the compliment @passion-ground
She has her own distinct sound and I have mine but we loved to lull under the same moon for once.

Amazing sounds and sights... You two sound wonderful together! All three of you I should say, as Jeff does a great job to on the guitar :-) My hat's off to you all :-)


Thank you for the lovely feedback. I think ir blended naturally, was born as dlive improv on Tuesday but we had a few tech issues so recorded yesterday also for Pechis challenge

What would be better than Yidneth? Or better than Serena?

It is Serena with Yidneth!!

Pure magic!! so heart wrenching with the sound of the voice of both of you and the instruments!!! My gosh!!!


Aww thanks so much, for fun on dlive I harmonize (with permission) sometimes, and this kind of happened live and then yesterday I recorded it... Song is hers and it's such a beautiful song, but I enjoyed very much to blend our voices together and imagine we're under the same moon :).

without reading anything......... I just heard your song....... and "Earth and Sky' came to my mind listening to the 2 of you sing.

it's a beautiful song. The two of your voices really Do work well together.

I loved it!!!!


Aww thanks so much, in all honesty this is @paintingangels song I just added strokes to it so compliment will be forwarded to her. And I think yes, it blended well, but then somehow I really feel close to her songs almost as it they were mine. She's such a humble and sweet person. I enjoyed doing this very much.


yes, that I knew. She was the Earth and you were the sky. why you go together so well. I think.

This was simply enchanting!


Awww thank you, I've done this on dlive over pechi and Serena often, but this is the first time we do out of it... I am just listening to your one with lilly :) :**

This is so beautiful yidneth, you & serena did a wonderful piece of art together.

Love this collaboration!

What a hounding blend of voices! Hope to hear more of that.

Wooww is wonderful this friend music, beautiful images.


Thank you very much, the song is my friends, I just added some colours :) and explore the idea we´re under the same Moon, we are both grateful for the feedback.


What a joy to know, best wishes to you.
I invite you to visit my blog.

sits here with a tear a tear of joy that I have the pleasure of knowing you two beautiful souls! incredibly talented human beans!
the pleasure is all mine being able to listen to this masterpiece!



Thanks for the lovely encouraging comment Darren :)
Actually irish whistle and flute are instruments I sometimes can improvise with... if ever making a celtic song that something I can easily mess around with.
human "beans"
I miss when I was that small :)
a bean :)
I never forgot my "bean" self you know what I mean though

Awwww, photos are amazing, look at that Moon in all of them 💚


Aww thanks, the thing was that the song talks about the moon and even if we were apart the moon over us is the same :) kind of that idea :) you're always the sweetest thanks!

That is such a pretty song. Well done.


Thank you so much, this tie its Serena's song. But I think it was lovely to merge together on this.

Thank you so much @pechichemena @silentscreamer @globocop @maverickinvictus @simgirl @zyx0666 @bluefinstudios @yosicrespo @zen-art @meno @passion-ground .. to all who commented that I've missed.. thank you thank you.. and Priscilla, my sweet sweet friend, my faraway sister.. i love you and this is perfect. ♥♥♥♥ I can't say the right words to thank you, and also for "Fly" .. just both of them make me so happy.

You are so special and talented.. your magical voice, the dreamy flute, your dancing-perfectly-with-the-rhythm keys and that angel harp.. I can't believe one of my songs could sound so full and colorful and magical.

Also! Your production skills are top notch, you should be so proud. Brilliant!! ♥

Proud to know you and SO SO grateful we are friends.
♥ -Serena

p.s. Here's a little video clip I shot of the moon hanging low here in Tennessee one night.. I think you can appreciate. ♥♥♥

Thanks again!!!!!!


This is an awesome collaboration!


Aw SO MUCH LOVE BACK! your song was perfectly full and magical without me Serena, but it was nice to lull under the same moon hanging low.
I feel blessed too :) ah thanks for the video, looks a bit like the cover right!

Love this :) Circling you both for a collab :P look above it is meee ...the presence in shadows is meeee...and i am not going away ...Lovely piece beautifully sung both of you :)

i saw this song on dsound and it was really dope, am also into music but am a female rapper you can also check out my song on dsound

Una canción muy bonita, se oyen muy bien, un dueto perfectamente acoplado. Felicitaciones.

So so so beautiful!


Aww thank you so much

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