Blockchain music contest round 2 || Second Womb ~ Throw em up

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Festival music is the theme for this round of the Blockchain music contest round 2 brought to you by the good fellow @inthenow. My entry hails off of Live From The Cave Volume 018 along side of @fatherearth we pair to make Second Womb. When I wrote Throw em up all i had in mind was a stadium packed full of #Wombmates reciting our lyrics back to back and verbatim. Vibe with me and envision the inevitable with me! We are internationally known on the microphone, only a matter of time until we #Spreadthedookie to your city!

Keep your mind clear and heart open. Much grace homie. Enjoy!



87 thousand fans
every body in the crowd will stand
with the Mic in hand
ever beats a vitamin
Spyro spitting fire
keep the ice in hand
He be the homie with the lightening
It's like running into Tyson hand
Hyping up the hyper man
Hip Hop head
show you my licence fam
dope and smack
sprinkle a little vicatian
Add the smack I show you my iky hand
O I think they like me man
I'm so iller little gorilla
4 wheeler how I ride a beat
Soul spiller, hoe getter
Mr every single flow killer got the heat
So any beef gets wrapped like taco meat
You clowns are weak if I find I keep
So don't let your hoe roam
Into a home of a player in a zone
Playing on my own and dodging cones
Styrofoam rappers
they light weight like Mike weight
Hip hop honey I'm home


Throw ya hands up
Throw ya hands up
Throw em up
When in doubt
throw ya hands to the sky and vibeee


Taste of victory
magic was never as sick as me
Pity I ain't Mr t this shit here is history
One day some say
well just me for the moment
One way that's up
just one way that's up
Back up I'm front line and back up
I'm starting and back up
Face down back up
It's the motto we follow
swallow a hallow
For doubting Apollo creed
Throw me a model
along with a bottle and heed
Inhale exhale breathe
inhale the stress exhale be freed
Damn stupid better keep ya hands moving
I'm lex luther fused
with a little cam Newton
It's a damn movement
Deep dicking her legs gripping
Lips spitting I'm slipping
Ya bitch is Meg Griffin
It's my go spyro and I know
It's mines to as long as I kick it no tibo


Throw ya hands up
Throw ya hands up
Throw em up
When in doubt
throw ya hands to the sky and vibeee


We are currently on tour fully backed by blockchain technology, If interested in having us Dookiebrownflow x Father Earth = Second Womb perform in your city contact us at [email protected]

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