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A experimental hip hop rap track with a punchy bass line and a great vocal arrangement, a remastering of the original track for brighter sounds and a louder volume.

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You've been scouted by @WishMaiden, CEO of @Showtime - Supporting the very BEST Entertainment on Steemit.

"Really enjoyed this! Great beat, interesting sounds and easy listening. Really like it, it's awesome electronica, great work!"

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Thank you showtime, I spent all last night re-adjusting the vocals and remastering it, I am not there yet but I do aim to improve, currently I am working through old tracks.

Trying to remaster them this way I should get to grips eventually with making it sound great for every track.

I am currently working on another track, in between setting up a new android box which has a hdmi record feature minus the application to record so fishing the net for answers for a pvr app to record my wii u etc, so this current song project is on hold temporarily until I get it running.

But hoping to get back on it asap.

But yeah I like the beat and the vocal parts most of all for the people segment mainly.

I will follow you, thanks for the support re-steem and breakdown of the track.


Yeah you really did an awesome mix of those vocals! Cool lyrics too, like the way it all comes together.

Dropped that track earlier just thoguht you may want to hear it it's totally different to the last as they all are, this one is hard house vocal i suppose you'd call it, with a little feel of 90's rave in there and a decent vocal.