Why Monkey - The Sailor

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Smith was a sailor, from the day he was born
over a dark raging sea, his skin bare at the storm
slipped the unsober hands, of his peg-legged mother
nearly spend his first night, at Davy Jones Locker

He was not yet fourteen, when his hands took the wheel
steering that double helm, was the best he could feel
salt ran through his veins, taste of rum in his smile
Oh! the puf of the sails, Oh! the ocean so wide

We´ve seen the hollow void and the edge of the sky
The wicked winds of fate let them try try try try
What lurks down below, truly no man can know
the wicked winds of fate let them blow blow blow blow

The song of the siren, calling like treasure
For what lies underwater, there´s no level or measure
From the nest of the crow, so blue is his throne
Let the old gods come forth, and make themselves known

Let us face lighting, and thunder with grin
Hear the crack of the mast, feel the rain in our skin
Let us gamble our lives, in the deep ocean’s dice
Let Death save our souls, if that be the price

Oh I swear upon the waves here my heart shall lie
The wicked winds of fate let them try try try try
What lurks down below, truly no man can know
The wicked winds of fate let them blow blow blow blow

To hear the ropes moaning, under night’s stellar sky
The dance of the deck, as the waves pass us by
The squeak of the mice, the creak of the hull
to be one with the ship, to be the hands of its soul

I spoke of laying anchor, and saw his face frown
He has not once set foot, on safe solid ground
So I take another sip, and I hold my peace
You see alas on sea, every day is a feast

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