Why Monkey - Nice Dream

in dsound •  last month 

Rise in this cloud, rise
Rise high above the grey
Witness the dawn and the new day
And the hummingbirds will sing
Forever in your dreams

Dolphins enter the scene
They fly with their fins
Is this the sky of a lost planet
Should we put on a helmet
Oh I don’t think we’ll ever fall
But I’m afraid of it all

It's such a nice dream
Don’t fear a thing
It's such a nice dream
Don’t you think?

The falling leaves are silent
Unlike the talking trees
And the frail whisper of the fruit
In the apple seed
Can you hear
Or are you still asleep?

The day starts to fade
But I think we’ll stay
Show me a place like this
Or we’ll never never go away
For now: Go on strings

You feel the breeze brush against your face
Fleeing the Ocean blue
The ladybug’s quest is all grace
Soaring through the summer afternoon

Soon the stars hang from the sky
Chase away the red clouds
And the night will be ours
Follow me follow me now

I stumbled by a tear in the veil
Carved by a fleeting moonbeam
The colors are pouring out
The thread that weaves our dreams

It's such a nice dream
Don’t fear a thing
It's such a nice dream
Don’t you think?

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