Why Monkey - The Stars Still Shine

in dsound •  2 months ago 

Autumn sings of tangerines lulls me to an old dream enriched by the noon’s light her eyes rend under my skin

My chest caved in the quake All through the quiet fallout of fate Our notebook’s empty spaces slowly filled with whirling traces

Lost to the war led By the curls in her head Breath again into existence by her bracelets and pendants

Stone after stone how our castle stood tall Too close loomed the edge And the long fall

like thieves came the night Days on end without a light I died there was nothing there A cold dock, the boatman's fare

Torn where it bleeds the most Half a shadow half a ghost This shell the mirror sees Is it really me?

Like thieves came the night Days on end without a light Do the stars still shine above upholding my right to be loved

Has the devil lost his book I’m good for every drink i took I hold your hand, storm your dream Feel my love, come to me

Across this barren land a single flower steals the scene We brought something back Beyond all earthly things

And how quickly the sand falls Down through the hourglass The shores, such beautiful lies Too soon the river is passed

stumbled out of this fever dream On a raft battered by the storm She showed me we never grow old She showed me love will keep us warm

And I wrote songs about her bright quintessence with all the notes I hear when listening in her presence

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