Volareo Gives Away 6000 $MUSIC In a Quest to Find The Best Musicoin Artist!

in dsound •  7 months ago

From the 21st of May until the 11th of June Volareo will be giving away 2000 $MUSIC a week to a lucky winner. Totalling up to a whopping 6000 Musicoin during the 3 week period of the contest.

Volareo is on a quest to find the best music currently available on Musicoin. The contest will be done in a leaderboard fashion. When you enter you will have the opportunity to collect points by carrying out various actions, like following us on Twitter and liking our facebook page. Each week the submissions of the top 5 of this leaderboard will be eligible to win. From this top 5 our chief of Music, Karl Oliver Goedicke, will pick his favourite. Karl is an industry specialist having produced music and being the manager of 3 independent labels.

Soooo how do we sign up? It is EASY!

  1. Leave a link to your song in the Musicoin Forum here
  2. Confirm your entry. here
  3. Collect points to get to the top 5!

Not a Musicoin Member yet? Sign up here: click

If you're asking yourself, "how do I increase my chance of winning?", here are some tips. Well firstly, upload a good song (only one song, do NOT upload more than one). If you upload multiple, we will only consider the first one. If you want to change your submission, change your original comment in the forum!

Secondly, be active. With this contest we are trying to support the community and give back. Be active on the forum, give back to other contestants, listen to their music and support each other! You don’t build the highest tower by stacking blocks next to each other, you do by piling them one above the other. So keep building on the existing community and you will thrive, as well as helping Volareo. Don’t be passive, let us know what you like and what you don’t, show yourself. We love that. Also, one more tip, inviting your friends is by far the best way to rank high. Like we said, share the love :)


  • Can I submit more than 1 song? No
  • What genre can I submit? Any, we love all tunes
  • Can I win Musicoins twice? No, we want everyone to profit. Of course, if you are the best you can win again but not the coins. If you win twice you will get an exclusive Volareo t-shirt the second time. 2nd place will receive the coins
  • Can I submit someone else's music? Yes but then he/she/they will win the coins.
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hey guys! =) Great idea! And I am also excited to see what you guys will come up with in the future! Musicoin ftw! =)

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Awesome idea! Glad to be a part of this.


Thanks! Good luck with the contest!

Thanks for the opportunity! Great Contest! Check out Mach G on Musicoin.org https://musicoin.org/accept/MUSIC855941e2d7c8f2dd391a38ba

Hi! What you are doing is just insane to help indie artist grow up! I have just participated with my song Finale :D Hope you like it!


Great! Good luck!

Cool :) thanks for hosting this

Wow, this is rad!!

I'm just here for the support of indie artist. And the fans of course.


Spread the love @glychdarip.

Super contest this good luck to everyone and thanks @volareo :)


You're welcome! good luck!

Great action, use musicoin tag too next time. tks


We will @lorenzopistolesi. Thanks for the suggestion.

It's a wonderful contest. @volareo :D


Thanks @toyo. We just wanted to give back to the community!

Hello guys! =) I wanted to submit a musicoin song for the contest via the musicoin forum, but I just cannot answer to your post. Nothing happens when I click answer. Can I submit a song somewhere else? Thank you! =)


Hi @ravenmus1c the contest can be entered only through the musicoin forum. It has had some problems lately but they should be fixed. Try again and tell me if it works!

Great! I participate with my track!


Nice! Can't wait to hear!

Rock on $MUSIC thanks for the opportunity!

Great work Volareo!

Awesome initiative!

Long life and prosper _\\//