Daily Mood Music with VitruDj (VDJ) - 90's

in dsound •  last year

In high school I used to make music as an amateur. But I did not share them with anyone. I was a little shy. I stoped doing that after the university started. I decided to do amateur music again with @Dsound platform. But this time I will share them with everyone! I doing these music according to my daily mood.

After I watched whole season of Stranger Things, my mood become 90's spirit for today. So this is my 90's (for some people 80's) mood music. I am still amateur but I want to improve myself as time goes on. I hope you will like it. But but most importantly, look forward to your recommendations.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Haha ,I am also a fan of Stranger Things. This music is enough for me to enjoy.Really good job !


Haha thank you :D

It's very good man. You know this.