Vibeof100monkeys Jibcast - EP1 The very beginning

in dsound •  20 days ago

So folks I'm going verbal...

Well here it begins my very own jibcast. Today's a wee introduction as to where I am going with it really. Frankly it makes my life easier and hopefully I can produce more content for everyone. Oh joy | hear you say!

A Little Contest...

To get things rolling I want to run a little contest. I need some introduction music and want to reach out to the Steemit community. The one I pick to be my intro will win 10 SDB for a little bit of introduction music.

Let's give it a one week timeframe to produce a very short lets say ten second intro / jingle; with a ska / funky kinda vibe.

To enter just post a link in the comments to your masterpiece and then resteem this post!

Good luck and thanks

EP1 - The very beginning

Today's a brief overview of my reflections on my own ego and where its taken me this last year; how to work with this and where too now.

Discussed today:

Introducing the concept and reasons behind the jibcast.
Contest for some intro music - Win 10 SBD.
Confronting the Ego.
What's in Store for 2019!

Thanks for listening and be sure to ask for my views ...

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Nice work thanks. Just doing EP2 getting bored being ill so why not. Thanks for dropping by 💯🐒


Thank you Lyndsay :D cool one


Very nice a good entry thanks 💯🐒


Thank you :)


Can you put this on Dsound so I can download it to play? 💯🐒


hey :) , I forgot to enable direct download, now you can download it from soundcloud.

@vibeof100monkeys This is Awesome! I will start the project sooner, and comment it when it was ready hope you like it :)


Thanks for the feedback nice to hear. Also great to hear on the contest a bit on interest now so should be a good one. Look forward to your entry 💯🐒