My newest composition/ PATIENCE

in dsound •  2 months ago  (edited)

This is my newest composition and it's titled PATIENCE.
I composed and recorded this one last Sunday 4/9/2019
This piece also fits in a larger project "unnamed" at this point, that will eventually be part of a full experimental jazz album.

Update: Both DSound and Choon are down today so I uploaded the track to Youtube:

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Hi vachemorte,

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Thanks Curie. I really appreciate the support!!!

hi there man, your make beautiful music! i had a contest about self improvement, i would like if you join it and make some weekly engage with you plus prizes (: will be seeing you when i spent time curating, good day!. (today will post the begining of this week contest.

Thank you brother! I appreciate that you listen to my music and I will check your self improvement post. Much love, music and blessings for you.

I put it on while I was resting, very relaxing and somewhat moved, very good I congratulate you

Thank you for listening!!

I'll be honest, my wife made me stop the piece. When I told her it was called Patience she laughed. "I don't have any for that kind of music", she said. :)
I liked it, though. Some of the melodies reminded me of Queen somehow. The jazzy tunes were there, but I don't think they were prominent

My music is not for everyone, this is a good sign for me that your wife is not into it. I rarely try to please but I prefer to shock instead. I try to stay away from approbation and I collect disapproval as trophees. That's what make me unique and special. Thanks for listening and much love.

Haha. Thanks. In her defense, she has very touchy ears and gets equally bothered by a baby's cry, Chopin's nocturnos or a buzzing machine