Inside the Robots Heads

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Did you ever ask yourself how it sounds inside the heads of the robots? Now is your chance to actually find out the truth. Never backing away from cutting edge musical-science experiments, I decided to drill holes in the heads of a few robotic friends and placed a high sensitivity condenser microphone to capture sounds never heard before. Since my experiments they haven't acted the same but it will be all worth it if you listen to the track.

This is a special blend of vintage Korg sounds coming out of 3 different machines.
Korg Electribe EA-1
Micro Korg synthesizer
Korg Poly-800

This track is part of my project: Vintage Electro for Rainy Days

► Listen on DSound

► This track on Choon

My complete music catalogue is on:

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► Choon


Cool concept!

Thank you I appreciate you listened :)

I’m a musician myself, I’m trying to figure out dsound, but I’m having some trouble with the interface. I primarily use my phone for all this, so maybe that’s a factor...

Here I created an invite link to join the discord dsound server for you:
There is a support room there where you can ask questions if you have issues.
I would recommend uploading from a desktop computer if you have one.

Thanks a lot! Cheers!

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