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This is a little improv using my hillbilly white trash style that I have an affection for. I perform all instruments; Guitar, banjo, Mandolin and Ukulele. My jam from the bayou for you.

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This was actually a live recording and I filmed myself doing it... have a look if you please:

I would be super thankful if you also consider listening to my music on:

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Coo-wee!!! Dat cunja


I miss your humor brother. Sometime Julia share your more glorious comments on PAL when I am working on shit and you always make me smirk a little. Mad blessings for you.


I miss ya too, the JUJU days were the most fun I had on steemit. Blessings and love right back at you guys!!!

Pas mal cool comme musique western.


Yo Drakos, merci du support pour ma musique, c'est bien apprécier!!

Castles are my favorite things on Earth!


Word but this one sit on a swamp :)