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RE: Worldwide Cypher Jam [ ROUND 74 ] "Calling All MCs/Singers of Earth!!" 白蚁.

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At this point in history I am grumpy as fuck, for so many reasons. Some are to personal to talk aboout the rest are listed in this here Tyger’s bad Rap - Enjoy!


Here I am again
six o’clock in the bloody fucking morning
listen up1
my mood is vile
my mood is sour
so you better go motherfucker
go cower
cause I am sick of the things you do
so I am coming after you

I am sick of complacency
sick of your lies
I am so sick of fighting
when no one else tries

Break one more promise
watch me break your face
you live like a vegetable
what a fucking disgrace

I am sick of neo feminists spreading the hate
and the daly misogyny I have to face
I am sick women blaming each other
so what if she had 45 lovers
a short skirt is not and invite to rape
nor the size of her tits or rouge on her face
that being said stop treating men like shit
we are in this together we need to rewrite the script
what we need is equality not flipping roles
no one needs to be slave
or should want to control

that again being said
men clean up your act
we aren’t that different
and that’s a fact
if she’s good enough to fuck
she’s good enough for respect
and a no is a no she doesn’t owe you dreck
and if your Horney and she wont play
just jerk yourself off there’ll be better days
(hello there five finger mistress)

so the next thing I want to bring up as I scan it
is how humans think we own the goddamn planet
We kill rape, torture every other earth race
60% of them we’ve wiped off her face
we have little remorse we don’t even try
our so called abundance is a dangerous lie
our oceans are plastic
but sales are fantastic
if it sells we we’ll kill it
or make it a slave
but listen up asshats
were digging our graves

and yes ignoramus climate change is real
don’t care what conspiracy you decide to feel
the earth isn’t flat, you don’t need to eat meat
if we give to the poor you won’t sleep on the street.
war only serves to oil the machine
it keeps nobody safe this ain’t 1914
And environmentalists who ignore the fact
that we need to go plant based what the fuck is that
How is it that studies make it abundantly clear
if we ditched animal farms we’d have nothing to fear.

And America when will you finally wake up
and get rid of dangerous President Trump
It is no longer funny
the man is Insane
he will burn down the world
and we are to blame
like with hitler the public just wants to ignore
the tides of destruction in front of our doors

i am sick of corporate politicians trying to control us
of banks dictating policy and swimming in surplus
I am sick of religions who fill us with shame
for biological functions that are normal and sane
If god exists he/she/it/they doesn’t care
who /when or how many the bed we share with
If a person switches gender or rather have none
it’s none of your business you ignorant cunt

Frankly I am sick of the way this world runs
there are really days where I want to swallow My gun
but as long as I’m here i’ll open my mouth
because captain our ship is going way south
we who still care we stand on our boxes
were trying to reach you while your chasing foxes
a vacuum there is where should be your brain
I’m sick of your bullshit on this here mad train
So i’ll watch it all burn and i’ll watch it all fall
Cause frankly my dears I’m sick of it all


This is soooo good!!!!!!! definately getting mixed into live sets!!!!!
Nuff respect tyger!!!!!!!!!

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