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bloodsuckers in Space - Death Trap Edition

in dsound •  17 days ago

This was originally an instrumental track by @d-vine she let me play with it Enjoy!!!


You have to be really quiet or they will hear you
learn to love your shadow self
they live in the walls
I can hear them moving
they live in the walls
you got to be really quiet or they will hear you

In the crevices of the mind
there is …
learn to love your shadow self

मौत आ रही हैं
(death is coming)

learn to love your shadow self
they live in the walls

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If d-sound is having issues listen on Choon

(Image credit Dave Renike and a portrait of the fair jubilee made by myself turned into this here universal truth meme) 1146410_626398614061443_1547687283_o.jpg


nan small.jpg

Artists & Musicians wanted for the One Project
Image source
One small .png

Image Credit

art courtesy of @PegasusPhysics



catspace 150 dpi medium.png
this little girl was made for me by @barbara-orenya

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Very arty indeed! I can imagine something like this being part of a movie score or something. Great work peeps!!

You girls are a wonderful combination. It has been a while without hearing a new track from you two. I love you!


Love you too not feeling well so i am working at snail pace :/


Don't worry ty ty, we are working at the same pace currently:/

I hope you feel well soon!