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I am in a dark place today and reposting this one as I really feel that humanity is sitting on this sinking ship refusing to do anything about it. It makes me sad then it turns into rage and anger that leads nowhere leaving me numb and burnt out… I feel like the guy from the folk tale with the tampered well …devastatingly lonely in a world full of insanity …


The end came unexpected
swift and brutal
born out of our need and greed and apathy
and our constant disregard of life that was not our own
it was the consequence of our actions
and yet we never believed that we deserved it
but that was irrelevant
and so ended humanity

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(Image credit Dave Renike and a portrait of the fair jubilee made by myself turned into this here universal truth meme) 1146410_626398614061443_1547687283_o.jpg


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Artists & Musicians wanted for the One Project
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art courtesy of @PegasusPhysics




catspace 150 dpi medium.png
this little girl was made for me by @barbara-orenya

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Full of ambience , nice work Tyger!