The Sound of STEEM - Music From Live Trades

in dsound •  9 months ago

This is the sound of STEEM being traded real time on Bittrex. By using Max for Live, I gathered a live feed of the Ask, Bid, Last, Volume, Base Volume, Buy Orders and Sell Orders, converting them into information that the music software and synthesizer could understand.

The Bid feed controls the pitch of the notes, while the other 6 data-flows control the characteristics of the sound. As people trade on the market, the pitch and character of the sound change accordingly, creating forever evolving ambient space-like music.

For a detailed video covering the entire process, check out!/v/tomcosm/pdsh8boa

This is part of my plan to build a bot that generates a whole orchestra of ambient instruments based on the currencies you are holding, and change depending on alerts you set, so you can just use yours ears to hear how your portfolio is going.

If you have any questions or requests feel free to leave me a comment :)

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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important something like this might help a lot

Nice to have you on board Mr Cosm (legend) ;)


Thanks, I'm totally impressed so far

This is so interesting!!! Don't even know how something like that is possible...@tomcosm you are a genius!!!

Eerie Stuff man! Well Done!!

This is interestingly nice to listen to, sometimes in a creepy way :)) Thanks for sharing, Tom, and the process to create the sound is mind-blowing for me.

This is great stuff! I would never have thought about something like this, very cool! Hope you're having a good evening :)


Super interesting. I have been following Tom for a while. As a fellow producer he's always been groundbreaking.

Music is everywhere. :)
I think it's awesome that we can hear the data.

Amazing post here I really like that

Nice work. I'm always impressed to hear generative type work that's actually interesting and pleasant to listen to. Thanks for bringing something fresh to the cryptoculture!

This is such an incredible and mad idea I absolutely love it. To be able to hear how well your currencies are doing is out there! Keep up the incredible work!

this rules!! hey brother @lefthouse check this out!!!