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NBD Records : A Steem Based Record Label Step 1 ( 2018 ) - Promotion of

NBD and the concept within the Steemit ecosystem. Supporting artist on the blockchain and sharing Steemit with artist outside the blockchain.
Step 2 ( 2019 ) - Artist start releasing CD's, records and merch with Steemit profits. This final step is when the website takes full form and NBD becomes real. Branching out into the real world is the long term goal. The long term goal is to give a central "brand" for electronic artist of Steemit and solid curating system. This would allow funds to be saved for artist if they wish to release CD's, records or merchandise.

I'm a admin of the largest synthesizer and drum machine group on Facebook, reaching almost 50,000 members. This group gives me contacts to many other large, creative groups outside the Steemit ecosystem. These groups can help me spread word of the Steemit blockchain, creating Steemit content creators of tomorrow !

Record labels of the past are bound by the rules of a old system. This new technology will allow users to create amd support new projects in a way never seen before blockchian technology. It’s going to be interesting to see how old models hold up in the blockchain era. I see many concepts of the past going the way of the pager and VHS, they will just become outdated.

Steemians are early adopters of this new technology, on the forefront of new ground and new possibilities. Taking this new freedom and applying it to a record label only creates endless possibilities. That’s how the concept of NBD Records started to form. NBD will be one of the first blockchain driven groups that pushes products and projects beyond the blockchain.

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