Cosmic Rays by Left Hand of God ( Dsound Exclusive LP )

in #dsound5 years ago (edited)

Cosmic Rays is the fourth track off the Dsound Exlcusive EP, Andromeda .

Changing up the tempo with a 4 on 4 beat, sub pass, sci fi synths and soft pads to create the atmosphere. I used all hardware synthesizers on this track.

Entering the fourth track of the LP i start to evolve the sound. Microkorg supplies the soft pad, Minilogue handles the sci fi style synth lead, Electron Digitakt tackles the drums while the Roland JU-06 gives the low end sub bass.

The support from Dsound and the rest of the blockchain has been amazing. i need to thank @prc and anyone else who has helped with the project. You're changing the lives of musicians around the world. Thank you for helping evolve the future ! All my albums are 100% Dsound exclusive.

Thank you to ANYONE else who has supported my work. It means the world to my music and content.

Till next time, stay creative


► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Well your left hand of God session is going good, keep sharing such posts, thankyou

Thank you, glad you enjoy them


What happen bro ? Why level 2 ?

Somehow it doesn't load for me on Dsound. Hmm..

Dsound can be buggy. Sometimes Control/R works sometimes. It'll be on my next blockchain playlist.

I love the vibe of this track, next level craftsmanship... Respect!!!

Thank you broskies ! Means a lot =)

I think you are a great music player and the music you have uploaded in Dsound is very good

Thank you very much my friend. =)

I just join Dsound If you have time please visit my blog, I really hope to input from you

Really brilliant and very great radiance well done, my friend

Awosome post, sharing

Thank you my friend , glad you enjoyed the music

smooth sounding track man, speaking as a synth nut, this is really good

Glad you enjoyed the music broskies ! Thanks a ton for taking the time to check it out.

I like your posts, because your voice is very nice and beautiful to hear.


I enjoy it 🎵

Glad you enjoyed the tunes ! Thanks a ton for taking the time to check it out my friend

Great track as always, man! It's got a kind of space feel to it :)

Mixed it up a bit, glad you enjoyed the music broskies !

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