Entering Orbit by Left Hand of God ( Andromeda, Dsound Exclusive LP )

in dsound •  8 months ago

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My first track off my first Dsound exclusive LP, Andromeda.

Deep sub bass, 80's style synth leads and layered beats are the entry point to Andromeda. This is a unexplored galaxy and we get to explore it together.

I'll be releasing video version of my final live takes used for these tracks on my blockchain exclusive series, Blockchain Music. If you enjoy the music make sure you check out the video which will released in the PM, eastern US time. You can see the process I used to record the music.

my seporatar.png

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)


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Very sweet, I’ve 80s vibes and punchy drums. I was hoping it would be cool if I include this in my weekly resteem dso Be Mondays podcast. I’ll resteem it on Monday and include a short clip in my podcast.


Yes, go for it broskies !

I like the dark and spacey sound a lot. Your tracks sometimes remind me of Mystical Sun. Have you heard his stuff?


Never heard of them, well check them out today. Glad you enjoyed the music.

Very Nice, somber yet upbeat?


Kinda a mix of both worlds I guess =)

Yo Todd,
great jam as usual! Totally digging all the retro vintage sounds, nice approach on this one!!!


Thank you broskies !! Last few days has been VERY busy but I'll be stopping by your page very soon to be checking out the new music. Hope you're having a amazing day broskies ~

Nostalgic for sure, like the vibe on this


Glad you enjoyed it my friend !! This platform is amazing

Nice stuff, good music, i like the fact you go the old skul way, because am a lover of old beats/songs. Kudus


Glad you enjoyed the music my friend, thanks a ton for taking the time to check it out.

That's Sound Is Beautiful! 🎵🎵🎵


Thank you !! Glad you enjoyed the music. =)

Great track, man. Really like the synth melody. Sounds like a dark piece. In a good way.


Awesome ! Glad you dig it broskies. Thanks a ton for taking the time to check it out.


Thank you for taking the time to create it :)

Hey Todd, you just posted the perfect track for my evening: retro, melancholic, dreamy. Peace, bro! <3


Glad you enjoyed it my friend ! Thank you for the amazing words.