in dsound •  last year 

not released this one yet but it's on the cards :)

If you are a musician who has been hiding under a rock and not heard of
Go check it out, the future looks bright with this one

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Not Playing Bud :( I will try again in 5 :)

It's not playing at the moment. I'll come back later...

Well it started playing, then stopped. Sounded good for the first 2 seconds! :)

yeah its one of those dsound days :)

Really loving this one mate, going to be in my TTP top 5. Great guitaaaaa :-)

cheers mate, quite old now but never released as yet , doing an album of songs that have never been released soon, this will be on there :)

You definitely have to release it! Great one mate!

thanks ralf, it's coming soon,,,,,, ish :)

One of your best here mate, definitely release this one, great feeling and love that guitar at the back :)

cheers nicky, nice of you to say so :)

sounds mint mate, loving it :)

cheers mate :)

Classic Tp track, Sweet melody and great lyrically.

thanks very much mate :)