Light Warrior's Anthem (Ambient Intro 528Hz Mix)

in #dsound6 years ago (edited)

I remastered and mixed these tracks in 528Hz Solfeggio tuning for my own meditations, but I love it so much I thought I would share it with you. I feel it's self explanatory if you listen to it in full. :)

@Archaimusic -- I told you I would include "A Walk Under The Dark Sky" in a set, this is the first one. I love this track. :)

Track List:
Soulacybin - The Activation Part 1 (feat. Alaya Love)
Stratusphere - Left Unsaid
Stratusphere - Grandfather
Stratusphere - When the Lotus Blossomed
Stratusphere - Light Codes
@Archaimusic - A Walk Under the Dark Sky
Soulacybin - The Activation Part 2 (feat. Alaya Love)

Love and Light Always,

I was so excited to share this I forgot to mention that this is the first set I recorded since I added an orgone pyramid to my recording set-up to channel and focus light into everything I create, an inspiration from a combination of my research on pyramids and a vision I had recently where I saw myself doing exactly that, including the light being channeled into the music. The vision felt put into my mind from the outside, like it wasn't mine. So out of curiosity, I asked in my mind, "Where did that com from?" and an older male voice that was not mine replied, "Me." So I asked, "Who are you?" and the voice replied, "Saint Germain." I had never heard of Saint Germain prior, who I've been researching since.

If you meditate on this, you will feel it.

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

Dope, absolutely love it. Guided meditations are great for getting in tune with yourself and the universe, and this one has all the right vibes... and frequencies I might add.

Thank you, brother conscious music creator. :)

Thank you for creating this. This post is our accounts first interaction on Steemit! Blessings my friend, spirit activation received.

Thank you. Love and light to you my friend.

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