"Sunburn" - Another Original Song off of My Album Illuminate

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Here's another song off of my album, Illuminate.

In keeping with the theme of this album, the title of the track is "Sunburn."

The grating sounds are meant to be unsettling, sort of like a scraping pain on sunburned skin.

I spent a good amount of time writing melody lines for this. As odd as it sounds, I was inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen at the time. He was talking about his style of songwriting. He said that someone told him he should play "less" and that "less is more." So he said, "that's impossible, more is more." So in this song, I decided to write the notes wildly fast and melodic.

This song was one of my daughter's personal favorites because in it you hear a sound sample of a girl who is actually "allergic" to sunlight. Sadly, this young girl begins to feel a burning sensation the moment that she step into the sun.

I'm not particularly happy with the mix or mastering of this one. Alas, these are my weaknesses with producing and I could certainly use the assistance of other professionals.

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