Get Off Your Butt And Make Some Money!

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Get Off Your Butt And Make Some Money!

By Terry Brock - @TerryBrock (Steemit)

Here’s something that can help you achieve the success you want. In a world of “too much busy” and overwhelm on overdrive, people need help. They need someone who can sort through all the confusion out there and make sense of it. Think of it like having a really, really smart friend who is paid to do nothing but read good posts and news on the Net, watch the best videos (that you like) on YouTube and elsewhere, and listen to the best podcasts (again, the kind you want to hear).

Then, assume that hypothetical friend (I like him already!) takes time to give you a summary of the cool article, the potentially money-making video, and that ever-so-juicy and delicious podcast, and shares a quick summary and a link for you.

How way cool would that be?

Well, that’s what you should be doing for your own market niche. Find a niche where you’re in the “Oh my goodness” level of knowledge and experience. Make sure it is a big enough niche that there is more than three people in Budapest (or Boston) who are in it. Once you’ve located that profitable niche where you have some special skills, knowledge and expertise (being in the “Oh my goodness” level of cool helps a lot here), get serious.

You want people looking at your content and thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” all the time. You need to be creative. Invest what it takes with TME (Time, Money, Energy) to be more creative.

Formulate your ideas and make them available in a blog, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, Tweets, YouTube videos and more. Think of how your profitable (a very nice word!) niche would consume it and what they want. Is print better than video? How about audio?

Once you’ve got that down, provide so much value that people lean over thinking

“WOW! She has another really cool post out there and I simply HAVE to read it!”

Provide lots of value and build that market. Then as you do that find ways you can add value to them so they will pay you.

Some of these possibilities include:

Coaching. You can do this in person. That’s the way coaching has been done for decades, even centuries. However, today, you can do it with great tools like Skype, Zoom, and others. Make this available. There are probably people out there who would love to get help and they are willing to pay you for your expertise.
Selling eBooks. You can create some eBooks that satisfy it given niche in your market. Get help creating the eBook and then make it a combo eBook, video and other tools to solve the problem your niche market is facing.
Selling audios. These are fabulous! Radio is one of the most intimate media between the producer (the announcer) and the consumer (the listeners). Bonus: Think about having interviews where you tap into the brain power of key geniuses in your niche. You not only get to share their expertise, but they can help promote the content by letting their community know about the audio. Everyone wins!
Selling video how-to guides. This is fabulous for many areas. Let’s say you’re a whiz Python programmer (good for you if you are!). You can create videos with tools like Camtasia, Screenflow and others that capture motion on your screen and share it. Offering several products that solve niche-specific problems can be very profitable.
Doing select work for people (a do-for business). Sometimes people don’t want to know HOW to do something, they just want it DONE. Offer the ability to help them by doing the task and filing them accordingly. Of course crypto currency is a likely way to get paid. You can also use common tools like PayPal, Stripe and others as well.
Other. Use your imagination and tap into the resources available around you.

The world is your oyster. Today, if you’re willing to strengthen your hustle muscle and serve others, you can not only survive, but thrive and do well.

The possibilities are out there. Think about what works best for you and then go for it. Get off your touch, turn off the damn TV, and create value for others!

I look forward to getting your comments and what you have DONE to make it happen! All the best!


Terry L. Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional
2018 Recipient of the National Speakers Association's Highest Award, The Cavett

Master of Ceremonies
Professional Video Coach

Syndicated Columnist with Business Journals (43 papers across USA, 11 million monthly page views)

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Former Editor-in-Chief for AT&T's Networking Exchange Blog
Former Chief Enterprise Blogger for Skype,
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I also need to hear this because for long I have been just mulling and muling and mulling some more.
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You are most kind, @starapple. Thank you. Glad to help out. I look forward to hearing from you again in the future.


Thank you as well, sir Terry. It's wonderful to know that from you.
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