Don't Make This Fatal Marketing Mistake

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Don’t Make this Fatal Relationship Marketing Mistake

By Terry Brock, for DTube and Steemit

Relationship marketing is vital for your business and career success. It is also much more than the one person with whom you are connecting at the moment. It is people in the network around the person you are currently talking to.

Too many shortsighted people try to evaluate if talking to a given person is going to be worth it to "make the sale" at that moment. They often disregard or discount a person because that person might not be able to purchase their products or services now.

This is short sighted thinking. It is often a fatal mistake in relationship marketing.

What that shortsighted thinker is doing is forgetting that the person has a network of many people that they know. When you talk to one person envision the connections in the community that that person knows. They might not be able to buy your product or service right now. However, they are able to share with others their knowledge about you and be able to help you in a very positive way.

Relationship marketing is about the connections you make. It is also about how you can contribute to the connections that you make and how you can help them in their network. This is why it is so important to listen and develop empathy with others and try to understand the world from their point of view.

The short-sighted salesperson is naïve and only sees life from his or her own point of view. Truly successful sales people grow to develop empathy to care for others. The more mature sales person sees life from the other person’s point of view and tries to understand how their life can be impacted in a positive way. Sometimes it will be with your own product or services. Often there might not be a direct correlation between what you offer and what they need. Never let that stop your empathy flow.

I recently read a great book by Lou Diamond called Master the Art of Connecting. In that book Lou talks about the importance of connecting with people and understanding their global community. Connecting with people in an authentic way is an advantageous skill to have today. When you connect others you become known as a resource that people want to turn to for help.

I remember one of my MBA professors, Thomas Stanley, who shared with us the importance of being the center of and the resource for your community. He stressed the importance of being the resource who can connect people with their various needs and to be the hub of that system. Thomas Stanley, who I will always know as Dr. Stanley, later went on to write several books in the Millionaire Next Door series. He knew how to connect people and did very well.

Make it your goal to find ways to help others connect with people who can help them. Be proactive to strengthen connections. Become a connector who people want to be around. Be that person who people don't want to do business without. By focusing on the larger community of other people, you’ll avoid making that fatal mistake the unsuccessful do. Make yourself indispensable and you will build your relationship marketing muscle as well as your business.

All the best,


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional
+1-407-363-0505 (Orlando, Florida, USA)

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I find this helpful. Life is all about connection with others. A man can't survive in isolation and a tree can't make a forest. Even here on steemit, success depend hugely on connections, relationship and interactions with other steemian just like @lukestokes noted in one of your success series interview with him.

Good work... By the way, lukestokes daughter is really lovely, playful and adorable😁


Thank you @paramimd. You really did watch the video! Thank you for y our kindness. Yes it is about the relationships we cultivate. Hope you have a great day!

Wise words and useful and practical perspective. Building rapport and connection can be tough. Listening and different from hearing. Sometimes we are so eager or pressured to sell that all we do is push. We forgot the most important part of sales which is being human and know the need or create the need if you have to.


I like what you say, @leeart. Listening is different from hearing. Listening requires action on the part of the person hearing. Thank you for your sagacious words!

@terrybrock well done sir keep it up.
That's appreciable .


Thank you, @bakhtiarzehri. Glad you liked it and thank you for stopping by to visit.


Your welcome sir I'll always do it..