'KNOW WHAT I MEAN' - Episode 55. [ FULL SHOW!!! ] 白蚁.

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Episode 55.
'Know What I Mean'.
Broadcast from the sma holdout,
6th August 2019.


'Know What I Mean'.
Broadcasting from deep beneath the matrix. 白蚁.
All rights and respect to the artists that I sample and spin!!

kwim 2small.png
Live every TUES 9-11pm (UTC) on SMA Discord server.
Catch us ...... If you can!!
Peace and enjoy.


Worldwide Cypher Jam Round 82.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Didn't know if you were trying to get in on that

Yeah!! I'm down!!
did ya do a post on it that I missed?

I'm trying to get some Musicoin moving to get the price of it up... and help these artists... Maybe we can collaborate on an instrumental for this. Would be great for the blockchain

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Im down, lets do it!!

What software do you use? File format preference?

Im pretty analogue when it comes to recording but I do use ableton sometimes. Always WAVs man!!!!! If its just WAVs we swapping then software dont matter.

I'll see if I can mixdown separate tracks... No guarantees. New software.

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what software u get?

I'm trying to get a musicoin event jumping

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What's Eden's garden?

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its an upvote bot that thinks its gonna drum up interest by leaving a comment. oh wait, it just worked!! haha! touche edensgarden!!

It's wild. I'm about to work on our sample right now.

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