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The title says it all – one with insight into the universe and reporting what he sees, how he sees it, albeit in his own configuration.

The title sets the tone of the poem appropriately. The persona is announcing his mental encounter with the invisible; he sees into the indecipherable depth of the hazy Cosmos, and cries out to be saved from the precipice. It’s my opinion that the poet is in a dream state at an early hour of the morning, before sunrise. The experience is harmonious for him because even though he was being transported high up far beyond the earthly to ethereal realms, his consciousness still holds beauty thought, not frightful ones. From afar he could see that there is harmony down here on earth – the orderliness and structured progression is quite clear from that view, showing that everything is as it should be. So harmonious and beautiful is the viewing experience that he has decided to compose for mankind what he sees.

This is a message of hope from someone who is able to detach himself from the daily topsy-turvy world of activities. He realizes that despite the so-called decadence, confusion, fear, ugliness, ignorance, and seeming impending apocalypse, the evolutionary process is progessing accordingly, in line with the plans of the Creative Force.

The rhythm, melody, and musicality in the poem are obvious. This is brought about in the alliteration and consonance in the following lines:

When sunlight slumbers still,
I float with halting gait through dreamèd grove

One must pay particular attention to the following -

The first line of the four stanzas have 10 syllables each
The second line of each of the stanzas alternate their syllables: 7,6,7,6
The third line of all the four stanzas have 10 syllables each
The last line of all the four stanzas have 6 syllables each

This is what makes the poem lyrical. It’s deliberately creative and stylistically superlative, something that can only come from a master of the art.

Keep up the good job, @d-pend!

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