Live Your Life (Do What You Want)

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That was our life motto 17 years ago when we started back in 2001, and still is today. Speaking of which, do you have a life motto yourself?

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Song reminds me of dragon ball. Not sure why? I meant that in a positive way.

Thanks for introduring me to Choon.


@spawnband, My motto of life is, live and let live, I think that there is nothing better than that, we are not owners of anything or anyone.

Live your life

It is a good motto.

My motto is "You have to collect what you sow".

My life motto it is a bit freak and related to chemistry:

Life is like graphite

Graphite is a material very soft in some directions and very hard in other, that´s why I say it is like life.

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treat people how you want to be treated, thats my life motto :)

That's great Turtle and fits you well. You're one of the most supportive guys out there!

thats what we're here for mate :)

Gracias por la musica, mi lema es "si podemos", en esta universidad, de la vida todos los dias, aprendemos algo nuevo, y "si podemos"

Brilliant i always know iam goina get a kool energy and upbeat positive kewlness from Spawn! Mint 1 guys! :)

My life motto is the same as yours. Live your life and do what you want ..... Don't become a cookie model like the majority of others. ... Chase your dreams and stick it to " the man ".

My motto is: A day without laughing is a lost day.

Excellent song! Definitely, we are the protagonist of our life so let's do what really makes us happy no matter what others say.

Nice lyric ....Specially first line :

life your life

Thanks mate, glad you like it!

It is really great collection @spawnband

It really good to do want you want but not to the detriment of another person

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Wonderful music..Sound system is awesome

I think my motto would be:
Always look on the bright side of life

Lovely song..
keeping pleasure song

Music always keep us refreshment...
Nice song...

Nice lyrics.

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