Bonnie & Clyde Legion(Qrittix) - Don't Fear the Wicked (Kill Control) Dubstep Remix

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Official Remix Dont Fear the Wicked Bonnie & Clyde Legion

Producer: Kill Control


I was floating against the sun
flying somewhere between the eyes of a dragon

you better relight that flame
theres to much pain to kill the blues
theres to much on my plate
and i never ate my dinner with a sliver spoon
trying to move up in a place where people
wanna get out of there face its lethal
they took our weapons away its cerebral
taking affect on your brain its dangerous
everyones faceless
they say when you see a snake you should slay it
but the world lets serpents sit in high places
everyones slaves
where diggin our graves
im sick of these pagans
im sick of waiting
but the wicked will perish
the meek will inherit the earth and burn the devil
so cherish these words

clear minded hearts turn to dark
nightmares in the sunlight leave a mark
boil my blood oh pound the drums
something evil this way comes

its not easy to be wise
to see the world through anothers eyes
we lost our ship somewhere at sea
and now theres pirates after me

everyones so cut throat and you wonder why i cut throats
welcome to the untold story of pain blood and glory
watch as it unfolds but once you know you cant unknow it
with one rose for the dead poet and one soul for the leftovers
everybodys so shook
everybodys getting took
better look inside yourself
or the history books and all the lost pages
faceless enemies teach us patience
so hungry in a world so tasteless
theres no place for a pagan
a payment in blood
better make an arragement
an angel will come in the night like a light to the faithless

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Thanks for sharing you talent as a writer a artist. You do well Bonnie @soundlegion.

Wow very wonderful dsound-remix . I like it your great full post . thanks for sharing your beautiful life.

I will listen your full song,,,such a wonderful song...i m totally impressed your talent,,,,you are a very talented voice is so great,,,i really like your voice,,,very nice back ground music,,,very amazing lyrics ,,, and your voice is so perfect great remix...i think all peoples like this great song,,,,thanks for sharing,,

Realy beautiful topic from dsound