Qrittix & Bonnie Legion - We Rise

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Original Song: We Rise Gerne: Electronic Pop Sound Legion Collaborative Artist Music House Producer: Sven "Qrittix" Driesen @qrittix Vocals/Lyrics: Shavon Bonnie Legion @soundlegion


I cant get no sleep, I cant drink your liquor, I wont take these pills, I wont get there quicker, puddles in the sand, pot holes and walls, fields of contrabrand, everything is false, liars and thieves, with a record of my misdeeds, along the bottom im fillin time, we float before we rise, this is how it goes when the pressure breaks, this is how it feels when the heart aches, everyone around you is out to get ya, so you get in the car and drive, numb me with white lines, right between the eyes, its a cycle spinning reason, we float before we rise, we rise, we float hours and hours....we float.....for hours and hours, I get in the car and drive... for hours and hours... get in the car and drive.... for hours and hours .. we float before we rise... liars and thieves with a record of my misdeeds, along the bottom im filling time, we float before we rise....

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Wow very grateful dsound-original music sir.your every day post is very important. thank you so much sir.

Indeed we must float before we can rise. Tires and Liquors drugs won't get us there... they are like potholes long way. Thanks Bonnie @soundlegion for another great song

Wao very beautiful song....Amazing music.....great voice..wonderful lyrics....i will listen whole music its just fantastic..thanks for sharing.

@soundlegion Hello my best friend how are you. Very wonderful dsound-original music post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life my dear friend.