Train from Marylebone

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Personally, I'm not a fan of using public transport, but sometimes it's inevitable that sooner or later I'm going to need to get on a bus or a train or whatever, especially if I have to go to that London! If I have to travel by train I'd rather detach myself from what's going on around me and all the rubbish everyone else is talking about. I choose to put myself inside my own little bubble, zone out on something else, then when I look up again I've arrived at my destination and can just get out of there.

On this occasion I was travelling by train between London Marylebone and Banbury, back in the days when I had an iPhone 5 with a copy of the app version of Propellerhead ReBirth.

I always enjoy doing random field recordings, and that day had been recording train sounds, announcements and what have you.

While I was travelling I made up a little bit of an acid track in ReBirth, then decided to record that into MultitrackDAW and arrange some of the field recordings, which ended up as this track by the time I arrived in Banbury.

Turns out this is a great distraction if you're trying to ignore everything else that's happening inside a train carriage =)

Just to point out: I have no idea about which kind of train is what, but there are a few people out there that really like to tell me it's the sound for the wrong train that goes on that route or whatever -- I really don't give a monkeys about that =P

I'm considering revisiting this and making a shorter version, but that means catching a train with less stops to record the announcements...'Train from Mansfield' maybe? =)


Release date
25 November 2016

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Back after taking time away from releasing music whilst at university. Currently working on several forthcoming releases as well as playing double bass as a session musician.

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Great innovative and original track, nice one mate!

love this one , so creative

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