Seveaux - Figure VIDEOCLIP

in #dsound2 years ago

Hi guys, I want to share with you one of my beats now with a videoclip added to it:)
If you want to see more video's of beats, music production tutorials and other video's feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel. Thank you for the support you all give me for the music the years I've been posting here and on other platforms! Stay tuned for more!


This is PHAT man!!!!!
Is seriously dope!!! got a feeling this might crop up in k w i m if thats cool wiv yu!!??

thanks a lot mate! would be dope yeah :D will check in next week if I can! Remind me of it before, the show always is a dope time to hang and chill! Respect!

Awesome! Resteemed!! Gonna check it out after I finish with my studio duties ! Keep it rockin

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.... there you go!!!

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