Orbit Generative AI track

in dsound •  2 months ago

am dedicating the majority of my votes to original Dsound posts. I am currently working on getting funding for an artificial intelligence album. Wish me luck! I am also going to shift gears into doing Acid House tracks! I am an electronic musician with a passion for synthesized soundscapes in the Synthwave, Retrowave and Ambient genres currently inhabiting Stratford, Ontario, Canada. I have been composing / exploring electronic music and doing sound design since the late 1980s. My stage name is SequentialVibe. sequentialvibe.com or search for SequentialVibe on all major streaming services.
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Just to let you know... I haven't forgotten you and your work. I recently moved into a house and it takes some time to get working internet here. Until that time, I'm racing through my 3g/4g bundle and Steeming, Discord and email is about all I can do.

Have an awesome weekend!