Dancing with Jade (Instrumental) by Santy Rouge

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

Hi guys, my name is Santy Rouge and today I´m talking whit some friends that ask me for some funny track and if I can get it from some urban rhythm. So I said "maybe this is not the time" cause we are drinking and having fun, so I was very relaxed and Jade is here and she is asking me for a song to her. And I say "WTH I´m going to do some track that give me the feeling of this moment".

So here I´m posting de results. I hope you enjoy it!!! :)

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The pace is excellent, it makes you want to dance. I really like your style, thank you for sharing your talent. A hug!

I love this music, it is cheerful and with a lot of movement. Thanks for sharing a moment of joy!!