Bathed in Light - a dsound first & original song by @samstonehill

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Written two years ago when my parter & I were arguing a lot. We were living in the South of France at the time and still getting used to life with a baby!

In addition to this I was becoming frustrated being surrounded by French people, unable to fully express myself with them.

Writing songs has been a passion of mine for many years and I use them to express deep emotions.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 09.49.39.jpg

Bathed in Light

Looking out across the dark I see,
A thousand angry faces staring back at me.
Caught between the chapters of my mind,
I cannot find the thoughts that I would like to find.

All of us must go there.
All of us must try.
Remember how it feels to be bathed in light...

Isn't it a ride?
Living like we're free?
Even stars collide,
Just like you and me.

This first verse gives you a pretty clear idea of where my mind was at!

So on this occasion I wrote the song of an expression of love & fear and it was something I needed to get out into the open. We cried together many times listening to it and this did seem to help us in some strange and magical way.

Our relationship is much better now and improving all the time.

And so too are our skills as parents.

Though my french is still rubbish!

This is my first upload to the amazing new dsound and am very excited to have finally found a platform worthy of uploading my catalogue of songs to!

Hope you enjoy.

This song is 100% original and has never been published anywhere before now

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Your song happens to be the very first that I've listened to on Dsound. I am blown away. I'm listening to it for the second time now as I type this comment...

I'm truly delighted, enjoying the sound... and wondering...

Did you overdub the harmony yourself, or is there another singer?

Truly beautiful, evocative, melodic. I'm really, really enjoying this. Thank you!

"Remember how it feels to be bathed in light..."

No, but I know how it feels to be bathed in sound... Beautiful! Well done!




Thanks! I really appreciate you saying that. My confidence around my guitar & singing is still building. Perhaps Steemit will give me that little bit extra I need to finally finish the album :)

To answer your question I didn't have any english friends at that time so was very much alone in my bedroom. I recorded all the harmonies separately and mixed them with some piano and drums.

Am lucky to be from a musical family. It has always been a part of my life. Just so little time for it these days!

But the kids do seem to love it when I sing, so there will be plenty more where this came from :)

Some more upbeat stuff!


great work with this Sam, sounds like we may have at least a few similar "influences" in musical style, you're inspiring me to get back to recording more again, but as you mentioned, just seems "tricky" to find the time to pursue everything I'd like to do... :)


Thanks Alex. Yes, time seems to be the most precious commodity these days. Especially now that I have two children and I really don't want to miss them growing up because I spend so much of my day looking at a computer!

Drop me a PM if you manage to find the time to record any of your songs. I would love to hear ;)


Excellent! I thought the harmonies were yours.

I look forward to more music! :D Hope to be sharing some of my own also via DSound... ;)

that little boy looking so cute

just like his Father ,,,, :D


Well... he looks a bit moody in this picture! But thanks... most of the time he is super cute :)

Hope you listened to the song???


Great comment! Upvoted! =)

First song i listen to on dsound, and what a beautiful song! I think Steem is going to be huge some day, this IPFS technology solves so many problems (even if that's not perfect for the moment).

Désolé que tu n'aies pas apprécié ton séjour en France (yeah i'm french 😌).


Thanks for your lovely comment :)

And please don't misunderstand, I LOVED my stay in France. I just couldn't communicate clearly with people. In truth, I understand French very well now, I just can't speak back as naturally as I would like.

But now that Esteban is 2 and a half years old, he speaks more French than me! So perhaps it is time for me to start trying harder...

Alors, merci encore et Steem on! 😆


Oh you're still in France. I understand : in most cases, expressing ourselves with our mother tongue is way better.

Bonne continuation !

Also the first song I listened to on Dsound! I love your music Sam! Upvoted with extreme pleasure! You rock my brother! =)


Thank you Mr Jockey for being the one to put me onto dsound ;)

Love that it was you 🙏🏻


Resteemed! =)

love your song


Thanks very much. Appreciate the comment :)

the upload on dsound is not working (yet?)


Seems to work okay for me


Hey, also for me not working :(


I am using the Opera browser. I wonder if this has something to do with it?

Nice post!


thanks :)

Extremely amazing voice!


Thank you very much. That's kind of you to say so 🙏🏻

Nice to listen to a real voice that hasn't been studio manipulated to the max. Upvoted.


Thanks very much ;)

Beautiful atmosphere. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the lovely comment ;)