Sam Prock - She (History Begins)

in #dsound6 years ago

All played by hands on luxurious silky Maschine MK3 pads. Used Komplete kits and sounds, plus NI Monark and Arturia Prophet V3. Arturia synths integrated as NKS tools and available as native instruments in the Maschine flow. It's phunn! :)

Inspired by nostalgic memories of good reading Haggard’s books in childhood. REALLY loved the adventure stories and hint of mystery. “She” is one fav of them …

So here is the sound track for reading :) BTW, the book is available free at Project Gutenberg, where I usually grab a book in “epub” format and drop to iPnone/iPad (or Kindle version, or read online):

Newly uploaded on Prockjet SoundCloud:

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


nice sam, has a creepy element to it too

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