Sam Prock - Funtronica

in dsound •  last year 

Wednesday - the hump day! Have fun :)

Anyone knows if I could use a snapshot from Korg Gadget tool here as a cover art of my release? I like it looks, but not certain if it’s a possible copyright issue (or no one will ever notice what Prock puts onto cover art?)

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cool track sam, lots of energy, i can't see snap shot being a problem mate, as people doin tutorials on yt all the time using these products so im sure a pic would be fine :)

Awesome and thanks Pete! I am so stuck to that pic it starts having bulks sentimental values to me :) after all I am getting intimate with Korg Gadget app on daily basis for 4 past years and can't get enough of it

This is such a cool track, putting the "fun" in funtronica! I don't see an issue with the cover usage, as long as you're not selling the actual artwork! :)

ha! Very good point Dave! and I don't even ask Korg to pay for the embedded advertisement :P

Thank you bulks! :)

Love the bubbly sequence energy and feeling of moving quickly! Sounds mint! Love a Classic and i know a secret link were you can hear it! :D

oh yeah?!?! what about this one, even less grilled? :)

just few miles down in comments thread, I remember we've being talking on Blondie and you even wanted have it longer :) so I listened (but it runs faster, so - no gain lol)

Thank you for the YEARS of amazing support and kewlness my friend! :)

Brilliant and many thanks man! Thats so kewl my friend! :)

Great energy in this one Mr P! I'm sure Korg won't mind the free advertisement you've been giving them anyway :P

Instant energy and bubbly vibes with fun sounds! loving it very much Sam :)