Alchemy - Music for Creativity and Productivity

in #dsound6 years ago (edited)

Hey DSound-ers friends 😃

Today I made a blend of soundscape with strings which is meant to stimulate the brain in a positive way, so it can be more creative and productive.

I hope you like it 😉

Peace✌️ and Love 😍

Marcin @ronimm

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Beautiful, I play violin so I love anything with strings :-) great job!

Thank you very much :-) I love string as well and I use quite a lot of strings in my music.

The biggest problem with creative & productive music is when u are a musician and u can't listen to it during your working process :D

Lol. Thats true... :-) however as a musician it doesn feel like its work so there is actually no need for this sort of stuff.. well unless its writing the description for the song :-D lol

Haha yeah! True

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