Tesla's Lab - 432Hz Focus Music

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Hey DSound-ers and Stemians 😃

Today I'm sharing with you track designed for focus boost. It is multilayered soundscape with electric like special effects. I did not blend in binaural beats this time as I thought that the soundscape is kind of stimulating enough. Moreover, after I recorded it this morning it kept me going for a couple of hours while I was working on the computer, so I thought that BB nor Iso Tones arent necceseray.

The track is tuned to 432Hz.

Enjoy 😉

Peace✌️ and Love😍

Marcin @ronimm

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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So deep!

Thank you :-)

Great soundscape!

Thank you :-)

Hello Friend, I find this tunes awesome , but I cant listen to it completely, do you know how I can get the full file, my ipfs download and stream fails everytime :(, I created an issue to try to figure it out. :)