Pak Jones feat. Nia - For a Moment (Snow's Ethnic Soul Vocal Mix)

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Ok... this one, I'm posting on behalf of my wife...

We lost her Steemit password and have been waiting for a new account to get approved, so rewards from this will be passed onto her.

The original of this track was produced by our friend, Martin East - and this remix by South African producer, Keys Snow, was my favorite of the bunch on the single.

Put out in 2011, this was a year before I met my wife. She hadn't done any sort of professional singing, though Martin and his buddy Chris talked her into singing on the track. And it worked out rather well.

Martin had questioned multiple times why her and I hadn't paired up on a track - and perhaps we ought to. While each version of this song has its own vibe, Martin & Chris definitely managed to pull out some of her hidden talent with this song - and it could be rather interesting to get her back in the vocal booth as I progress back with music production.

Regardless, it's always been a joy playing this track out. It was pretty fun when her and a friend stopped by a couple of my DJ gigs in Bali and I slipped this remix in there, and it was definitely a special moment as it played after our wedding dinner (although unfortunately, Martin had gone home with his newborn baby by that time).

Without further ado...

Even though this isn't my track, it's an absolute pleasure to share on my queen's behalf. May your listening experience be an enjoyable one as your head pops, feet tap, booty sway, or whatever motion these lovely deep, soulful African rhythms and hauntingly seductive vocals inspire in you...

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good !!

very well post dear @rok-sivante and awesome music and dsound-remix,dsound-deephouse,.i like your post


Great vocals she's got! And she is beautiful too I must say.
dancing for our lives this part got me...
I love it.
She should keep singing please

tha's really good [email protected] i really like your post thanks for share the Pak Jones feat. Nia - For a Moment (Snow's Ethnic Soul Vocal Mix) post..

A very impressed experience

exitos me encanto, te deseo muchisima suerte

"We lost her Steemit password and have been waiting for a new account to get approved, so rewards from this will be passed onto her."

A very sad thing happen to someone already on steemit. It was very excruciating for me when i lost my private keys always and the most funny part mine was when i started redeeming my wards on the seventh day was when i lost mine after so much effort and hard work putting into it, just so painful to let go easily. Time to time i do check the account till this moment. Thank God are beside her and even know how painful it could be. A very nice tune, the music is pretty nice.

amazing post.i like your music.. thanks for sharing this post.. best of luck..

Wow, you guys are amazing.....the song is muhah...

This is so beautiful and romantic.
The love of a Husband to his Wife, now that's worth emulating.

You're a good man.

This is a great song with a great beat! So great to dance to if you love fast paced music like I do. I am sorry that she lost her password, that is so not cool. She has a beautiful voice and the lyrics were relatable. And it's absolutely adorable that you called her your queen. Every woman should be treated like a queen. Thanks so much for sharing!

U are very talented also to your wife .. Both of you are amazing and romantic ..

Have a nice day @rok-sivante!
I couldnt visit your blog yesterday, I was kind of sick. By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. :ㅇ

DEAR @rok-sivante



#RESTEEM........ YOUR..... POST

Very good

Pretty nice one...a nice track too keep in memory the gud event in your life....👍

Great sounds! Sure hope you're able to recover her password soon, too!

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Losing password and not being able to recover it is disgusting.
I joined in july last year and after two months, I lost my password. Although I had saved password in my Google Chrome browser but somehow I couldn't recover it.
I then thought of making a new account but somehow I found a screenshot of my steemit password. It was the happiest day of 2017 for me 😂
But I guess there should a way to recover lost password.

I believe the sign up process is better now as my cousin created an account couple of days ago and got confirmation within 24 hours.

“Too bad people can’t always be playing music, maybe then there wouldn’t be any more wars.”

the music is very good, the flow of remix, I enjoy the music. as typical music Africa. how can you the combination of music was so be like this.

It is happen to me also before, I lost my password when the first time i register Steemit account, from that I know this platform we cant regain back the password different from another platform. that's why I keep my password securely now. thank you for coming to my blog.

warm regard

I enjoy music, it looks like this music wing remix with the sounds of the tone like from the desert of Africa. although this is not purely your music, I really enjoy it. I also read your story, but I do not really understand about your story and your wife. I enjoy music only, and do not really understand the story. thank you for sharing, happy if you want to see my blog, please, visit my blog!

Please @rok-sivante

Very good information, we always wait for any information from you. Thank you for this posting.

Felicitaciones muy buena pieza

great post.!!

The vocals really add a nice touch to this. Very nice!!!

Weeeh, this is groovey, very hypnotical!! Your sound quality is superb, great production! Thank you for sharing & BIG UP to you wife, her voice gives me goosebumps so beautiful man. At 3:37, woooahhh, guys this is incredible, I am mesmerized <3 I would love to work with Nia any day <3