Sex Toys & Cookies (raw, unmastered track)

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I was listening to @crimsonclad's radio show last night, and she played a song called bacon and boobs... Then @supastix had mentioned that they'd rather have cookies and boobs, so I said "Well my band has a song called Sex Toys and Cookies..." And since I didn't have any way to show it to them, I decided it would be my music share of the day today!

Now you must be asking, why in the world would I name a song Sex Toys and Cookies? Well, I'll tell you... I had an amazing friend who was selling sexual products like dildos, lube, and other things, and this friend is also a mother so her girls had been selling Girl Scout cookies around the time that I booked my sex toy party. When the day came, she hurried to the house to set up her show and also brought me the Girl Scout cookies that I had ordered weeks previous. And since I couldn't find a fitting name for that song when we wrote it, Sex Toys & Cookies was born, even though the song has nothing at all to do with sex toys or cookies... Ha!

Now remember this is a raw, unmastered track recorded by @jakeimnotsure, so it's not at it's best quality yet, but you can hear the finished version when it comes out on our demo later this year! Hope you enjoy!


You know you want to share all the things that scare
You'll have to search my mind so deep to find
All the things you'll need to destroy your greed, destroy your greed
I look deep in your eyes (in your eyes), All I see are your lies (all your lies)
No matter how hard I try (I don't wanna try), That part of me still dies (and I'm still alive)

But still you proudly stand, trophy in hand
And I watch helplessly as you start to bleed
But you just cannot see what this has done to me, what you've done to me
You only see through your eyes (through your eyes), But you can't see all their lies (all your lies)
No matter how hard I try (I don't wanna try), that part of you still dies (and I'm still alive)

And it's so beautiful, when you use me as your tool
And yes it's pitiful, you stupid fucking fool
It's beautiful, you fucking fool, It's beautiful, you're the fucking tool
It's beautiful, It's beautiful, You're so pitiful

Now you are forced to share all your deepest fears
You lied and stole my trust and I'm about to bust
You won't find what you need to destroy your greed, destroy your greed
You only see through their eyes (through your eyes), And you believe all their lies (all your lies)
No matter how hard I try(I don't wanna try), That part of you still dies

And I'm still alive
I'm still alive
I'm still alive

Thanks for looking and hope to see you again soon!
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hey hey :) Sounds really cool! Well done! :)


Thank you! I really love the bass line in this one! ;)

That's heavy man! Rockin! Thanks for the track. Followed!


Thank you for listening and following!


You bet!

Wicked track! Sex Toys and Cookies could totally be a Dildoroth track as well ;) LOL


Hahaha!!!! YYYEEESSSS! Thanks dude!

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