Unplugging Yourself from the Matrix - Failure is the path to success

in dsound •  9 months ago

I had a long chat with @matbaker tonight - he had the steam taken out of his sails after a chat with his family; they had been quite skeptical of his venture into steemit. A long story short it's now weakened his confidence slightly with his oomph to get things done. I sympathised with him because I've been there myself, when no-one believed that using the internet would amount to anything, and I proved them wrong. The trick to success in my mind is persistence and building on failures. Have a listen :)

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Forays into steemit.com are likely to be disappointing, if your goal is making a lot of money. Unless you are part of a big pack of whale humpers.

If you want a platform to voice some opinions, it is great.


Exactly what I said - takes time to build a following and people willing to listen to you. You should listen to the Podcast on Dsound :)

Thanks for the information and great to share.
Keep up.
Thanks again

I think there is no failure in life. I call this failure the experience or the step leading to success. I know that the man who persevere in life is a successful person in the end.
Thank you my dear brother @raymondspeaks for the important information we have really had to explain to many the desire to succeed and eliminate despair

hey..your post so good thanks for sharing..

Thanks for the information thanks for sharing

Thanks Ray. Listened to and processed. And trying to work on my patience!


No problem dude - hope you enjoyed it :)

Pleasant accent raymond. Peacefull man. Good stuff. Success for me would be for people to learn my music... It's happening man! Yeew.


Thank you - I'm a peaceful person. I'm intrigued now. I'll go over and check your music out :)


Thanks Raymond. Feel free to air some on your show if you are looking for a jingle :) Or perhaps I could write you one.. Yeew. How about that !!! ha.Exclusive...


Ohh - that'd be cool. Let me think on it for a while :)

nice post sir, thanks for share.

I love your post very much. The song is also very beautiful. The lyrics are the best lyrics. Really amazing. Thank you very much for sharing something beautiful.

I think money should be secondary to a person who is looking for a get rich quick scheme on steemit. In as much as its about quality writting and rewards, learning and networks should be your utmost goal.
Thanks @raymondspeaks for your inspiring posts..

Grt piece

thank you so much for share this great information..... I always following you.... keep it up....

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