Intro to the real Indian classical music

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Hello there!! Hope everything is fine at your end! I am really excited to post my first audio recording for SteemIt platform. I have started off with an auspicious Indian classical Music composition. This falls under the genre "Carnatic".

The song I have sung is "maha gaNapathim" in the praise of lord Ganesha, the Indian propitiatory god and the remover of obstacles. Please check below for further details on this composition.

raagam: naaTTai

36 calanaaTTai janya

Aa: S R3 G3 M1 P D3 N3 S

Av: S N3 P M1 R3 S

taaLam: aadi

Composer: Muttuswaamee Dikshitar

Language: Sanskrit

Lyrics of the composition


mahaa gaNapatim manasaa smaraami |
mahaa gaNapatim
vasishTa vaama dEvAdi vandita ||


mahaa dEva sutam guruguha nutam |
maara kOTi prakaasham shaantam ||
mahaa kaavya naaTakaadi priyam
mooshika vaahanaa mOdhaka priyam ||

p,pmgmrs | rsnspmgm | p,dnsrgm | mrsrsnpm ||
snpmgmnp | mrgmrrs, | r,ss,np, | mg,mnsgm (mahaa ganapatim)


I meditate on the supreme GaNapati who is worshipped by sages like VasishTha, vaamadEva and others.

He, the son of Lord MahaadEva, is adored by Guruguha and shines with the brilliance of crores of Cupids. He is the tranquil one and exults in the literary pieces like poems and dramas. He is fond of Modaka, a variety of sweet, and has a mouse for a mount.

Hope you enjoy it...

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


sharing this on twitter and other discord groups. Please do post more

Thanks @sayee.... That is very kind of you...

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This initiative seems to be quite interesting that no one might had attempted till now...Heard many times and still fond of this music (especially the one by Neyyattinkara)

Nice attempt...Stay blessed

Excellent rendering. It was really very pleasant to the ears. It will be very nice if you can add the song name, title, composer, Raga etc from your next song onwards. :)

Thanks to your valuable suggestion bala... I have updated the details for everybody's reference....

Excellent. Details are very good.

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