Qrittix & Bonnie Legion - Curious

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Original Song: Curious Producer: Sven @qrittix Driesen Instrumental Title: To Much To Take Singer Songwriter: Shavon Bonnie Legion soundlegionrecords.com


What if I was everything??
What life would look like if I painted me??

I painted a picture and I called it God,
and I lost my mind in a heavy fog,
I looked at my paint brush,
and the canvas it lay,
paint spilled all over in black and grey,

I painted an ocean,
I painted the sand,
I painted the question of God and man,

What If I was everything and I wanted to see
what life would look like if I painted me,

curious the question oh my curious mind,
the curious things that I might find,
life is a question, that I made in my mind,
and I would paint me an ocean even if I were blind,

curious, curious
look what I might find?
what I made in my mind,
oh the curious things that I might find

Thanks for listening
also listen to more of my original productions on Choon
Sven Qrittix Driesen

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