DSound - Is this the end?

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My dear Steemian friends,

As you are probably aware, Steemit Inc has removed the DSound delegation last Sunday.

And I'm affraid this is the end of DSound on Steem!


Nahhh... Of course not! :)

Yes, this was just click-bait... Now that I have your attention, let's get this out of the way first:

What is the impact of the delegation removal to the DSound project? Absolutely none!

What's the impact of it to the DSound community? Devastating! But only temporarily...

Who is @prc?

I am a Portuguese guy, 21 years old plus VAT (the taxes are huge nowadays) and a libertarian philosophically.

I have joined Steem in July 2017. Loved this platform and above all its community.

I am a life long software developer professionally, a musician, DJ and Music producer as a life long hobby, who was trained in Industrial Engineering and Economy academically.

I have found this platform the perfect environment to launch my DSound decentralized application and to help musicians around the world to monetize their music.

What is DSound project?

Logo Full.png

DSound is a decentralized web application that allows anyone to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network.

It uses STEEM blockchain as a persistent database so, by posting their sounds, the authors can earn rewards in cryptocurrency when other users like and upvote their content, which can be exchanged easily to US Dollars, Euros or any other currency, with a look and feel very similar to Soundcloud.

Check DSound Intro post for more details

Who is DSound community?

The DSound tribe (as I usually call my community) is composed of musicians, artists, composers, song writers, podcasters, music producers, poets, sound recorders, and anyone that creates audio content.

Many of these create and publish their work daily on DSound, and count on DSound to monetize their work as part of their living income strategy.

I will not list these because it would not fit this post, as the creators on DSound are more than 5K today and some +30K of listeners and music lovers...

If you want more details, you can check our annual report.

And what about music initiatives?

Iniciatives supported by DSound?

DSound has supported many music related iniciatives on Steem consistently, like:

among many others...

And where is the community?

DSound Discord Server (the tribe is connected)

Here is where the DSound community hangs out. Please join our Discord server at:


There you'll find many channels where everybody from our community gets together, making DSound even better.

If you need any help, please chat with our moderators who have done a great job in making this server a great place to hang out! Also check their work on DSound since they are content creators as well:


And DSound is this! <3

So what happened?

No clue... As you all can see DSound has been very active and dynamic in the Steem community!

First of all let me thank Steemit Inc for the delegation that they provided to the DSound community for around one year. It was amazing as it empowered many sound content creators around the world in a way never before seen! :)

Having said that, this was what happened:

Last Sunday I woke up early and was really into some development I was doing Saturday night, so I dove right into programming without the usual morning routine of going through all DSound indicators... Then some message on Discord from @pennsif stroke me:

-- "Sorry to hear about the delegation going"

I went to check @dsound account and it was real... Steemit Inc or @ned, in the form of @misterdelegation had removed their delegation without any notice.

As the minutes went by, while I was trying to control my impulses, many members of DSound community were contacting me about it... It caught everyone by surprise! We had absolutely NO warning whatsoever to try to find any way to soften this blow, either to the platform or its active users.

Considering the amount of people this action could impact - it felt a bit callous and unprofessional.

I was informed by my community that @ned was present in the PAL Discord radio show and that he wrote this in reply to the community on their chat channel:


And he is right, but for the wrong reasons!

He would have heard from me if he had not left me waiting for him in a restaurant in Austin, in a meeting scheduled weeks beforehand, when I was there on business. Or the same if he would have stayed for more than just a few hours and then disappeared on SteemFest3 in Krakow. These happened all in 2018, and the later in November...

So I wrote to him, and waited to get his reply, as I was really surprised by this stance:


And this night I got the reply:

Well... I will not comment this as all the words that come to mind wouldn't really suit the tone I want for this post.

Don't get me wrong, and so that it is perfectly clear - I have never asked @ned or Steemit Inc for a delegation!

In fact it only slowed DSound project down, as I had to dedicate a huge amount of work to figure out a good way to curate DSound content, instead of dedicating it to the development of the project.

But I did it because of DSound community!

They are the ones for whom this delegation was granted and DSound team - as subjective as my opinion can be - did a very good job at that! In our trending page at any given time you could find the most varied content, and only great content!

So as the community leader, and only in this regard, I need to challenge @ned, and Steemit Inc, to explain what were the so-called reevaluation criteria that they used to decide for the DSound delegation removal, disrespecting all its community that is actively contributing great content to further the platform as a whole and living the Steemit dream?

It is the DSound community of Steemians that will suffer with this strange move, and they deserve an explanation!
And please don't insult us with vague answer and circular arguments... :(

And so - Now what?

As a matter of fact, for DSound project as a whole, the delegation removal is somewhat irrelevant.

Well, if DSound was managed like Steemit Inc, who recently discovered that cryptocurrency is volatile, and with a 70% depreciation in STEEM value had to layoff 70% of staff, then something like this would mean a layoff of 95% to 100%... so me included! ahahah :D

But this is not the case, DSound is not affected by this at all!

Of course it will require some cashflow readjustments, but all major fixed costs were already accounted for by project means and so are not dependent on the delegation.

I knew this day would come - actually I didn't expect it to last one year - as the initial delegation was 2.2M and one month after was silently "reevaluated" to around the 900K, that lasted until now.
The lack of communication and respect for developers is sadly not a new thing - and I am surprised this is a rightful and ethical way to do business.

But the community will be penalized by this! Severely!
Had I been given any kind of warning - I could have done something to try to smooth this transition as much as I could.
So brace yourselves for a bumpy ride!

If you are someone who depended on DSound to make the ends meet - and I have been contacted by dozens of people during this journey, which I won't name here to respect their privacy - my thoughts are with you, so hang in there.

We hope that this crisis will only last a small window of time! Calm down guys, I think I have it all figured out and I'll share more details with all of you in @dsound's next post, that should happen shortly!

Together we can make this a new dawn for DSound platform and our community!


We don't really need charity. We might feel unfairly treated - but we are free now.

DSound is one of the strongest communities in Steem and we'll show it!

Stay tuned to @dsound posts the next few days to know it all...



"Music is what feelings sound like"
DSound <3 Music

And If you trust us and approve what we do in the Steem ecosystem, please give us your Witness vote to help us continue this journey...

Design by @aleister

You can vote for @dsound as a Steem Witness here: Vote with SteemConnect

... but if you prefer the oldfashion way, please go to:

and vote for @dsound :)

You might not find us on the list yet, so please use this field to vote:

Alternatively you can set @dsound as your proxy, so that you follow the witnesses we vote as well. This might be interesting for all of you that don't know that well for which witnesses to vote... To do so use this field:

Note: You will need your active private key or your master password for these operations.

Thank you guys! :)


Glad to hear dSound will continue as a project. It definitely is a shock for a delegation of that size to be pulled - but I am hopeful that the steem ecosystem can pull through this.

Steem is not Steemit! Steem is a blockchain and a community, and that is what we all love! :)
Steem is strong and will handle this and more! As DSound community is one of the strongest in here, so this will be just a walk in the park in few weeks...
Thanks! :)

Ned is sometimes weird. I personally think that DSound is one of the best Dapps on steem, even though I don't use it.

At the same time, I truly believe that it is much better for Dapps to run without delegations, as in the future this model is not sustainable (nor wanted). Try to remain on your feet this way, it might be a gift in disguise.

What they did with the delegation is unprofessional, especially for DSound, but it will prepare you to have working model without delegation, something every dapp should be prepared for. The community on each dapp should be enough to reward the members who create content. Other Dapps who still have delegations will be shocked later when it is pulled, and as we say, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall."

Love your story, love your drive. Steem is successful because of people like you.

Thank God for people bold enough to assert this.

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So many stolen accounts downvoted the comment, can someone explain to me what's happening?

Unless I get told, no way to know for sure.

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Definitely a shock, then again, that's part of this networks problem. It's centralized because one company is running everything. Of course they would do something like this, I'm not surprised at all. After all, what's more important to them but their bottom line? And if it means they have to stop helping somebody in the process? And that's what they're going to do. It sucks, but it's true. Thank you for staying, for I have some things that I want to share with the world. Anyway, thanks again. And I'm glad that this didn't affect you as badly as it could have, thank God for that.

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Thanks for your post, you're damn right we don't need charity.
This is a free market.Most of the @dsound active users, are lifetime professionals , bringing quality content to the platform.Can we agree that Steemit has an issue with production value?
For me, taking the delegation is pretty much saying" we don't care about quality posts, we want shit posts all day!!!"

I am pretty sure our skills will be valued somewhere else, even if it means that the whole Dsound tribe has to migrate...
Thanks again for all your hard work, dedication and positivism :)

it's clear that @ned knows nothing about music

Now you made me see the real reason why he removed the delegation: I didn't invite him to post on DSound! ahahahahah :D

The worse is not the guitar playing, it's the singing :)
Maybe he is secretly jealous

I think I'm echoing the sentiment here of "good riddance" to all the dead wood that most nearly caused, now up to us who are committed to prevent, the sinking of the steemer ...

Lots of familiar faces on this post which is literally the only good thing about this nonsense. Best community, most attentive curators. Easy point of access to the blockchain, active developer.

Sounds like exactly what I’d incentivize if I were in a position to do so. Let’s hope they do some more “re-evaluation” because id love to know which communities were considered more worthy of incentivization than this one.

ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Great writeup @prc. We both said it on separate occasions -- this was bound to happen eventually, and while it may be a temporary pain, we are now on the road to a community-sustained DSound. That should be the endgame anyways. Thanks for the good vibes, much love!

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Thanks a lot mate! :)
Yes, DSound was already headed there, so now we just need to step on the gas! ahahah :D

Dsound is still the best community on Steem with or without a delegation.
@prc excellent post, Mad love for all the beautiful musicians of the platform and let's move forward <3

Thanks a lot my friend! :)
DSound will rock on! And our community deserves it all!
We will show everyone on the cryptosphere what is a strong community in action... ;)

I am sorry @ned took away the delegation but we will thrive. We are the "sound" of the platform. I will continue to be grateful even if the upvote is one cent cos it is all about encouragement. It is but a number. And now all vote for @dsound
Fastened seatbelt!

Thanks a lot my friend for your words! :)
Yes, we'll have a bit of turbulence, but it will be a softer ride afterwards...
Big hug to you guys! Miss you... ;)

but don't miss me, I'm right here :) :*


I have been a DSound user for almost a year now. It's actually the only reason why I stayed on Steemit. It's because DSound has the best community on Steemit!

I have joined other Steemit-based projects here, but nothing beats the bond that this community has!

I admit. I am one of those who saw great potential in DSound and Steemit that I decided to resign from my work a few months ago to dedicate my time here. Thus, it goes without saying that my DSound earnings are now the only source of income that I have.

Even with the crypto crisis we are experiencing right now, I held on and pursued doing this full time. And so when I heard the news that the delegation was removed, I was disappointed, yes. But I still did not lose hope. I know this platform will continue and will thrive even more! It's because of @prc and the amazing community that we have here.

We will be stronger! We will be tougher!

With that said, thanks @prc for all that you do! Thanks, Steemit for the one-year delegation that helped me make ends meet especially starting when I decided to go full time as a crypto musician. I think the removal of delegation WITHOUT warning was inhumane. But it is what it is.

We'll soldier on!

Lots of love for DSound,

Thanks for your words mate! :)
Just hold on for a bit... DSound curation will be stronger and grow stronger day by day!
This is just a new dawn, we're on this together!
Keep sharing your lovely tunes with us! :)

Wow. What a great mindset to have, respect.


ahahah :D

Thanks for the update PRC! As surprising as this was I'm sure we can manage to figure something out, onwards and upwards :)

Thanks my friend! :)
We will and even get stronger in the process, I am sure! ;)

@prc agora vamos avançar com ainda mais força amigo. Estou a delegar 500SP para @dsound, é tudo o que eu tenho recaudado até agora (o resto foi delegado por outros usuarios para mim).

Foda-se o @ned, foda-se Steemit.

Steem e DSound forever!.

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Mesmo amigo! :)
Muito obrigado e um grande abraço para Barcelona!

Dsound is my favorite Dapp on the Steemit blockchain. In my opinion, Dsound spreads the "love" in a better manner than any other Dapp. They find ways to support users long term and still have enough power to support new users. This shows unreal skills in resource management. I think @ned will regret this choice because Dsound is one of the main reasons new people come to Steemit, not the core voting system which is pretty broken. I've got full faith in @prc and can't thank him enough for his drive. Beyond that he is 100% open with his project and shares who is on charge of voting, which other dapps don't do. I've delegated to Dsound and will add power in the future.

Thanks a lot my friend! :)
DSound will rock on buddy!

I have to admit, I was pretty vexed about the delegation removal and know that the various music communities on here were also affected by it due to the generosity of the dsound upvote making a difference to people's lives.

If I wasn't posting other blogs on here such as travel and such then it would be tough to stay on the steem blockchain. @atomcollector said it beautifully and took the words from my mouth.

This is more damaging to steem than it is to dsound because the community will band together and dsound will find a way to make it work.

The responses on here and in various communities was been amazing to see and the red mist is beginning to lift from my eyes, it was pretty thick!

Looking forward to joining you in @d-vine's show tomorrow and what you have planned going forward mate. Catch you in there my friend 🙂

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Thanks a lot my friend! :)
I am sure we'll get back on our feet sooner than they think, and the entire Steem community will see of what DSound community is made of! ;)

damn right we will :)


Always great to know that you still remain positive and willing to do whatever it takes to help the community and keep DSound going!! This platform changed my life, I will support it no matter what!

Thanks a lot buddy! :)
We are a community! And together we'll handle this minor setback easy...

I say rock on. Love your attitude.

I always supported dsound with positive feedback from the beginning for ease of use, being free, and giving me an opportunity to broadcast my goods with the world.

It gladdens me to know that you show gratitude for the delegation you had while it lasted, even with knowledge that it was given and taken away somewhat flippantly without any negotiations or real trust in your primary sponsor. Honestly, I never received any sizable upvotes for my works on dsound, and I would never, ever have anything but praise and appreciation for the platform for offering me a free space to exist.

So for me, nothing has been lost, and the potential is still limitless. Trim the fat and exercise your newfound freedom.

Thanks a lot for your support! :)
I am sure that you'll find support in DSound! It might take a bit more interaction with the community, but it will come...
And this time it will be stronger than ever, without any dependence on that single (point of) failure!
Sorry, had to make that joke... ahahah :D

Oh surprised this news, but well this is a new beginning for Dsound, to self-evaluate and to continue, we as a community must see in what we can help.

Thanks a lot! :)
DSound is stronger than they think... ahahah :D

the man just has no communication skills. how can someone who wrote no posts or comments in a month complain about no communication from others? whish you good luck in continuing of dsound

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He is irrelevant for DSound, that's what matters! :)

The only thing to do is move forward.

Maybe introduce a token.

Cause thats what the top kids are doing now.

The idea that ned would remove delegation , especially from a community as important as music shows a lack of touch with reality .

Unfortunately nothing can be done now.

Dsound could introduce a token, become fully community seeded and more.

Lets not let another community die here

The DSound community is one of the strongest in Steem! :)
We'll get through this easy! I'll share the details soon... Tokens will come, multi-chain, as many other things, but right now we need to put the community back on track and that will happen right away! ;)
Thanks a lot!

Smt for the win?

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Target: Steem Network
Mission: Decentralise

These are hard and confusing timed but I believe all these moves are a necessary step in getting the Network truly decentralised.

We can't be dependent on a couple of rich guys. We need to become a real community with its members helping each other.

Let's do it!

This of course implies that the orcas / dolphins will step up with delegations. I hope they do, but I'm not convinced they control enough of the total STEEM / SP supply to take over just yet.

Absolutely! :)
No need for those guys...

I love how everyone here is ignoring the obvious of why Ned actually removed the delegation.

Can you also be "obvious"? ;)

To make it short, there was more money going out than value going in. In addition to this, you got too comfortable. I really like DSound, but I would've preferred that the focus was more on the development side. To end with, I think any big delegation from Steemit to a project is a bad idea because this will generate projects-rentier state-like, most of the projects now are just using the reward pool as a faucet rather than bringing value. Maybe it is time to think about a smart media token and get people who really care about DSound to delegate. The delegation From STIN could come back though, but I believe there is a lesson that needs to be learned here ... at the end of the day, you are on your own.

I aggree with all that besides two things:

  1. I didn't get "too confortable"... you're not seeing the whole picture. Having a delegation that size demands you create structures to make good use of it in favour of your community, and that requires a LOT of work. That was why I had to shift resources to that instead of the project itself, but DSound wasn't stopped at all. I have so many things already on the works that will take it to the next level, just didn't pull them out because of fear of losing that delegation, because my community needed it! I knew that it would happen, but the later the better for the ones that depended on it...
  2. "using the reward pool as a faucet rather than bringing value": have you ever consumed content in DSound? Can you let me know where is the lack of value? I doubt that there are any DApps in the steem ecosystem contributing more value than DSound, as well as bringing new users onboard, if they can actually create an account...

And yes, the takeaway is that we're on our own! But you also have to think that DSound didn't have an ICO, neither it had any other source of funding besides my own funds and my company as well as the steem rewards as a complement. So this means that resources are limited, but it will be better witout this tie!
And a final point: Fuck SMTs! First I doubt they will ever come out, but even if they do, are you really confident that they will ever work? Steemit Inc couldn't rollout HF20 without 7 major fixes and a complete blockchain blackout in between! Sorry to disappoint you but I doubt it... ahahahah :D

dsound is the ONLY reason I stuck around on Steemit.

I do not have a problem with @prc taking some of the profits to cover the costs of running and developing the dapp.

Yes this is just a bump in the road BUT there is no denying that it has affected thousands of deserving musicians. The ones I feel sorry for are those from low income countries that the delegation made a real difference to.

I got my lesson,never pay attention to this guy . He knows nothing

Death to dsound!! Ned pulled his stake out because dsound and a few other dapps owners collaborated with thedarkoverlord to hardfork steem to steal Neds stake. So he got the fuck out to protect himself from these sociopaths

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Lol, what a tool bag. Eat a bag of Ned’s dicks bro.

Rough. Definitely the best dapp ambassador the Steem blockchain has. I’m confident they will see the reaction of the community and restore your delegation.

I'm so sorry to hear about this and the way it was done. Delegations come and go without warning. This happened with @openmic too, not with @ned but one of the witnesses who I won't name. There one day with no explanation and gone another day just as mysteriously. Easy come easy go.

In any case, I believe you've built a wonderful community and DApp with DSound and we all stand behind your project with enthusiasm. Don't ever give up and Steem on @prc.

Beautiful post man, we are in full support of your movements and for the Dsound community.

Just about caught up with everything pending from last year so I will be knocking out some #dsound posts soon enough😎 Glad to see your resolve remains. You already have my vote as and for witness. Are you accepting delegation now? I don't have much in the way of free SP, but every little bit helps.

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yeah we all delegated to dsound he is :)

Thanks a lot! :)
Yes, @dsound account will accept delegations and will have many incentives for the delegators... I'll be posting about it later or tomorrow with all the details... All delegations are welcome! :)

very encouraging post for the tribe my friend , thank you :)

Thanks my friend! :)

I also feel bad for those that was dependent on the delegation but on the other side, how great the regular big upvotes have been it might also make it to much about earning money in the short run and also leaving a lot of power with one big delegator.

So I agree with you, in the long run I think this will make dSound even better!

Upwards and onwards!

Yes my friend! And the freedom I feel not having that tie is really amazing! :)
Thanks a lot and let's rock this boat together!

I'd like to personally thank you for the opportunity to share my music with you here on Dsound. I have met so many amazing fellow artists, musicians and producers since joining last January. Thank you for creating your vision of Dsound and including me in the journey too!
Let's carry on with the DSound tribe!

DSound will continue it's journey mate! :) Just a small step back and we're moving on!
Good to have you in the tribe my friend! Thanks

You got this @prc/ @dsound & the community's got you!!
Onward, upward!

All for one and one for all! :)
Thanks a lot my dear friend!

EXACTLY!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

"...if DSound was managed like Steemit Inc..." fortunately is not, and fortunately you are the guy behind this project.
As you said, the delegation removal is somewhat irrelevant, the show must go on ;)
Thank you for the clarification and keep on the good work my friend ;)

Thanks a lot my friend! :)
This is just a new dawn...

I was covered in goosebumps and a cold shiver runs down my spine seeing that this might Brn the end of dsound after the removal of delegation as written in the beginning of dsound. But I must say I feel a lot better at the time of this reply after reading through the whole post. Together we can make anything happen and dsound has called for togetherness and this call we shall heed to. Music for blockchain, long live dsound, long live the steem blockchain

As many other blockchain musician @Dsound and the support we get from you personally @prc kept us on this platform.

We believe and trust in the capacity of what you are able to achieve and we are behind you all the way! Much respect to all you do and looking forward to the growth of a bigger and strongerDsound platform and community to come! Salute brotha

Props to you my brother! :)
Yes, we will get back on track stronger than ever! Cheers! ;)

Is highly coincidental that he removed one of the biggest delegations while he is moving his cash away from Steemit....how could anyone believe their Steem is safe when he has withdrawn all of his with a MEMO saying 'withdaw to protect my STEEM'.....why shouldn't the rest of us do the same and watch his investment fall to a minimum and at least others will rebuy and finally decentralize the system as it should.....Anyway @prc eternally grateful for your commitment and fantastic work in front of this community and we will be backing dsound wherever you take it, am always happy to use my social media to advertise the new 'dsound' and will continue to do so as i know when a person has worked so hard in something even a setback like this wont stop him to thrive and continue his successful path....I hope NED has moved his savings to Cryptopia in the last few hours....https://cryptoslate.com/cryptopia-suffers-catastrophic-hack-evidence-suggests-over-2-5-million-ethereum-stolen/ ....Long Live dsound \m/

Thanks a lot my friend! :)
Maybe he did... ahahahahah :D


You nearly had me there with the clickbait!

You have handled the situation maturely and hats off to you for appreciating the huge delegation in the first place!

I was concerned because I was going to share @dsound with friends and family who are music producers, DJs, artists etc!

Glad things are still looking up!



Thanks a lot! :) DSound rocks on!

Great. Will you still be incentivising people to post on DSound with DSound upvotes?

I'll make a post about that soon...

I look forward to reading it

@prc - I am helpless financially or STEEMwise. I will give a teeny-wheeny witness vote ....

I have some experience in streaming/mixtape stuff / video hosting etc. If that is of any use, I offer my technical skills (no strings attached) if that helps. I am bobinson#2524 on discord.

If I can think of anything else, I will update.

Thanks @bobinson! :) Connect with me on Discord and if anything comes in your area, which I am sure we'll need I'll ask for your skills buddy!

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A shock to the user's of dsound I am sure, however it was very nice to read your post and to see that you did not ask for nor in all actuality needed the delegation. It benefited the users and community but was not expected at the time and not relied on at the time.

Something for other d-apps and developers to think about next time they here or read, "Hi my name is Ned, I'm with steemit, and I am here to help" I would hope they are as wise as you were in their decisions of what/if to use the delegation for or if it should even be considered as part of a planned business income.

Yes, I am sure that other DApps are already aware that Steemit Inc is not reliable... I hope they see this as an example and don't get trapped in the ilusion that they are different or stronger!

I think once people see your message and understand what you said about the delegation, you are going to be a lot stronger.

Good luck to you! I've loved and lost.

This news to me is like an asteroid falling to the ground. For me, dsound is the coolest venue where there are many talented musicians and the opportunity to share music, so I think we will be reborn as a phoenix again and with a new power!

Dsound lives on!

Yes!!! :)

Great man! Love your free spirit. Sound on!

Thanks! :)

I an sure you guys will be fine even without the delegation. You are doing a great job. And that’s also the case with anothe app who had their delegation pulled away.

Together we will make steem shine

Yes we will! But this only shows how infantile Steemit Inc is... :(
And the community will shine again stronger than ever! :)

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Obrigado por fazeres parte da comunidade @steemitportugal .


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Thank for the update, we got this. It's all good and glad we can move forward from here.
Be well

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We will move forward! Faster than everybody thinks! :)

Hey @prc,

I'm pretty sure the removal of your delegations was due to this:


Someone is suggesting that all the steemit Inc owned accounts effectively become useless as nobody would be able to login because their private keys would be null. Ned was worried about this so pulled some delegations so he could transfer the steem away in case the request did go through.

Hope this helps,

That was why I gave him a chance to explain it, although I find it strange that someone in his right mind moves their holdings to exchanges in fear of a fork! ahahah :D
Did you read his reply on my post? It wasn't about that at all... And that fork thing is nothing but a dilusion to keep people from seeing the big picture, whatever it is... :(

Yeah, remember ned, if you don't own the keys you don't own the coin! It seems rather unprofessional. All the best, have a nice day.

Thanks for this. I appreciate knowing what happened. I am with you and your team!

Thanks for sharing this informative post, wishing you great success with @dsound moving forward. Sharing this for others to see 😉

#steemvotes #dsound

Thanks! :)

Totally agree, Up and Resteemed, Thank you so much for all the kind works and hard time you spent to keep Dsound Platform active, I wish the bests for you mate!
<3 <3 Peace

Thanks a lot my friend! :)

It sucks when leadership has no skills or no respect to communicate properly.

I’m not a DSounder, but seeing your level of communication skills and positivity, I think your community is glad to have you. And who knows what good things will come out of this!

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They will come, I am sure! Thanks a lot! :)

The noise made from all of their moves these last couple of days was horrible and the worst was the eliminations of these delegations. However, I think the actions speak plenty on what the community needs to consider as they look forward to more development and growth in the ecosystem. Projects will need to adapt considering we are moving towards a more decentralized approach which we know very well will depend on crowd support rather than centralized support. Those involved will feel much more fulfilled than if Steemit stays involved.

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Completelly aggree, but I cannot accept disrespect and lack of professionalism from anyone! That's what matters to me and that is what is causing suffering to DSound community...

Agree as well as this has been not only a DSound issue but a whole Steem community one as we are the ones who believe and work for the ecosystem to work and should demand respect.

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This is unfortunate, but somewhat unsurprising given the massive power downs by those at the top.

I have a podcast, and to be paid a few Steem per episode means a lot when there is very little outside support.

It pushed me to improve the content, value and quality of what I was doing.

Plus, the musicians here are incredibly good.

If there is a way to help, let us know?

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Thanks a lot! :)
DSound will become even better and stronger for sure! Stay tuned... :)

@prc maybe this, let's say, not so good times for the Blockchain let us see who are the tough and the weak!
Keep going my friend!!!

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I will! You know me a little bit already... ;) And the community is stronger than ever! :)
Thanks for your support my friend! We'll chat face to face later buddy...


On the plus side, I absolutely love the the way you're approaching this, getting on with the project & just being relentless with your plan!

Keep up the great work PRC!

Thanks my friend! :)
DSound rocks on!

This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Maybe it is the low prices, the fact that Steemit Inc seems to be struggling to deliver on its promises, struggling to get along with the community, struggling to communicate openly and transparently. There are some noticeable changes taking place at the moment with STINC and @ned himself.

Delegation removal aside, Steemit is powering down and moving $8.5 million in Steem without a word. Ned is emptying his account and moving Steem to exchanges, not a word from Ned or STINC about any of this.

From the outset, one could be forgiven for thinking that STINC and Ned are cashing out and leaving the project to die. Something tells me that might not be the case, but if you were new to this ecosystem and presented with these pieces of information, what else do you have to go on?

I don't take issue with Steem itself pulling delegations, I think in the end undelegating from large projects evens the playing field, Steemit and dApps should be separate from one another. STINC handles the tech side of things and the community handles funding and building of their apps.

However, I think the way @ned and STINC handled this was 100% wrong. The least they could have done is given you a heads-up, a little warning they were going to do this instead of just making a surprise move, especially combined with the powering down and transfer of large amounts of Steem to exchanges.

A company responsible for a blockchain with a market cap that puts them at position 50 needs to learn how to communicate and operate properly. If we want Steem to grow, we need STINC to put on its big boy pants and stop shooting themselves in the foot.

Perhaps it is inexperience, but @ned has shown time and time again he lacks the experience and maturity to run a company like Steem. The way he responds to criticism, the way he seemingly makes knee-jerk community affecting decisions without consultation, let alone warning. These kind of moves can kill a project. An inexperienced pilot flying a plane is more likely to crash than an experienced one, especially when things start going wrong.

I have no doubt DSound is going to get through this and be alright. The Steem ecosystem is very supportive and DSound itself is a great dApp that people would never let die.

Aggree with you! It is exactly that.
Thanks a lot! :)

Que pena saber dessa remoção da delegação. Gostei bastante do teu post. E não surpreende a tua atitude. Um português nunca desiste. Desenrasca-se de outra forma. Grande abraço, amigo.

Na boa! A luta continua e bola para a frente! :)
O DSound é a sua comunidade que é bem grande e unida... vamos superar depressa!
Grande abraço, amigo! :)


This has impacted me. First I got annoyed by Ned's attitude and now I see that thanks to that he brought me here to learn more about dsound.

Seeing the amount of support comments is incredible. I love knowing that there is such a united community and above all that they love the dapp for development, the community and not for the voting power
Most of those who comment on this post are unknown to me and that makes me happy. Meet so many committed steemians and especially you who did not know you either. See with what dedication you respond each comment speaks a lot about your humanity and that you surely transmit it to dsound.

I'm running to vote them as a witness and thank you. Please do not leave Steem

Thanks a lot for your kind words! :)
As you can see, Ned and Steemit Inc don't have a clue of what is going on in their own platform... DSound is one of the biggest and more active communities on Steem! And is this community that their childish moves affected... :(
But anyway, we're not going anywhere... The community is bigger than Steem and we'll get back on our feet really quick, I am pretty sure... ;)
Thanks again for your support!

Now that I have your attention


And please don't insult us with vague answer and circular arguments.

After downloading all the tubes of his interviews (for a you tube parody I was thinking of doing..) and really listening to him (for piss take dubbing purposes. lol), I think you will find that his entire repertoire of communication pretty much involves saying lots of words, without actually ever saying much of anything.

The sign of a politician, not a business man.

( I have no interaction with Dsound as such , but good luck!)

Exactly... :/
Thanks for the support! :)

Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by prc | dsound from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, someguy123, neoxian, followbtcnews, and netuoso. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows. Please find us at the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

If you would like to delegate to the Minnow Support Project you can do so by clicking on the following links: 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

The delegation is not a problem for me... I didn' get an upvote from @dsound, but I think this is not the main goal. I love the dapp and everything here.

So, go on and you can count on me!

P.S. You had my vote as @prc witness, and when you said to change it to @dsound, I changed immediately... :-D

Thanks a lot! After all this settles, I am sure you'll get more upvotes from DSound and all community! ;)

To my surprise to hear this news, I'm a new member in steemit community. This is a bit of a shock for me as well.

Anyway, temporary setback would motivate your great success.

"If people are doubting how far you'll go, go so far that you can't hear them anymore."

– Michele Ruiz

Keep The Momentum Going Forward, you will have much more success in the near future.

Thanks a lot for your words! Great quote! :)
Just bear with us and see where and how fast we'll move on... ;)

@prc thanks for your great writing dear friend, Dsound is still the best community in Steem with or without delegation.
It is always good to know that you are still positive and willing to do whatever it takes to help the community and keep the DSound up and running! This platform changed my life, I will support it no matter what! Greetings from Venezuela

Thanks a lot mate! :)
DSound will keep on rocking!

nothing to thank dear partner, we are here is for the reason of helping each other to grow as people and as partners to grow knowing and doing what we like greetings

And please don't insult us with vague answer and circular arguments...

That's the worst...just be upfront and tell us what's the real reason so that either the app devs can learn from it or know the expectations beforehand.

Will be voting for witness @dsound

looked you up in witness list but couldn't find you...

Thanks! :)
DSound is not at the top 100, so doesn't appear in the list... you have to write "dsound" in the field below and press "vote" button.

Glad to hear the community is strong. These actions by Steemit seem sketchy at best.

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Thanks! :) Time will tell...

Ah, don't bother about it too much. It was not about Dsound being deserving or not deserving but a man gotta make some excuse. All that Sttem Power is going to exchanges as reported by some Steemians.

I don't care at all! It's DSound community that I am worried about... But will manage! :)

I wish you success 👏👏❤️❤️

Thank you dear friend 💗

Bueno la verdad lo que hizo el @ned ese fue algo poco profesional porque la menos debio avisar o dar una advertencia, pero eso solo fue un tropiezo porque si toda la comunidad de Dsound y me incluyo damos un poco de nnuestro SP no necesitas limosna de ellos para sustentarte porque entre nosotros mismos podemos seguir levantando la plataforma que me parece que es una de las mejores y confio y seguire confiando en ella, asi que puedes contar conmigo ahora cada vez que publique algo de Dsound pedire que voten por ustedes y que den su grano de arena para seguir creciendo sin necesidad de ninguna delegacion. Asi que sigue asi que esto se levanta porque si y sera mucho mas grande que cualquier cosa

Nice post!
I feel sorry for the Steemians who used to rely on Dsound upvotes.
Communities can be very strong when their members share the same passions. I don't want to promote what I do but I have been on Steemit longer than the majority of people here and I have been giving away so much STEEM and SBD compared to what I got in my wallet. I was never delegated any STEEM POWER because, I guess, someone doesn't like me but I've always managed to do what I like to do.
I really believe DSound will do well.
Upvoted and resteemed!

Ned really is on a roll...

Who?! ahahah :D

I'm shocked and not! But mostly, I'm very proud of you @prc for NOT relying on this delegation to cover you costs and creating a stream of income that is independent of one whale.

Btw, I have removed my delegation from everyone but Dsound on Steemit. It's the only project that I still believe in on this platform. Keep it up xxx

Thanks for the update and everything you have done and continue to do for the music community. Well done for such a measured response, it shows real character. We (through ACR) will be looking at further ways to help support DSound.

Already gave you my witness vote. You and Dsound have been essential to me since last year, a small push towards my dream of being a better producer. Your platform it's one of the best alternatives for music streaming that I know and, althought the rewards were just a plus for me, I really love making music regardless of any benefits I could recieve. I'll keep using Dsound even more now, and keep on going my man! You are changing the game for so many, and I'll be always thankful for that.

I always have a question, if I love to sing using those karaoke music, isit valid to upload via dsound? I saw all talented musicians etc, but with children at home and I don't have a studio, so I love to sing using karaoke music video prepared by others. I always think it might not be relevant to dsound so I have never upload any there. Please guide me. :) I have heard dsound since long ago. Hehe

21 years old plus VAT (the taxes are huge nowadays)

Lol? I didn't know whether to laugh or not, but I thought it's safer to laugh so I did.

It is quite sad that the delegation to @dsound had been pulled off @prc And I hope that it will get reinstated because dsound is a unique dapp for steem users that is inclined to music and sounds community.

I want to be 21 plus VAT taxes again. You handled this very well. "Someone" was either full of "something" or virtually clueless about DSound's presence on the Steem blockchain, but regardless, you've kept your head high and are powering forward with the right attitude. Their delegation was a good launching base and now you have the exposure and core base to keep this moving.

@prc you are so awesome do you thing baby and keep on this heavy you are a genius. Im re arranging deligations and dsound is gonna get my bulk. mwah mwah love to you all day. You have worked so hard for this community and supported so many through the thick of it.

Besides I almost don't use dsound for posting it's a great plataform for musicians and podcasters. I hope @ned reconsider his views on the plataform and his actions before people get pissed of it. The only thing good I thought about he coming to the public after started to power down was the promise for transparency but he is failing on that too. Nothing more to expect from steemit.com

Well, let's see... I doubt it... :)

I believe faithfully in the power of love and loyalty and in all the commentaries that I find here, one perceives strength and desire to fight. You have a great community formed by good professionals, who are willing to provide their contribution and that is not achieved with money, is achieved with loyal respect and a job well done.
I am not a user of dsond, but if I listen to my favorite singers of this platform, by this means.
One of my messages within this platform has been to cultivate good energy and today I have been able to show that the positive attitude of people can achieve great things.
There will be more great achievements for de dsond @ and I will be present to see and hear them.
I give you my vote as a witness and that of other friends I can find.

Good vibes and blessings for all.