Polarity - Lost Coast

in dsound •  9 months ago

This is kind of dark ambient i guess. It started out very colour- and joyful but ended up like this. All sounds are pretty randomized and generative. The underlying wooden ship texture drone gives it a darker and organic vibe.

verification: polarity-dnb.de/steemit.html
website: polarity-dnb.de
patreon: patreon.com/polarity_music

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wow man its just like amezing the bestes adventure oh my God thank u soo muxh for sharing this 😎😍😍


#can't wait to hear the next one✨

It would be great to dive there ..

Nice ambience. I like it. Keep it up.

Very cool, Berlin is a place we would love to visit

It sounds like a track from a movie. Great job! :)